In need of inspiration…

Today was a complete bust! Giselle (former TLG) came over this afternoon and I painted her nails. They came out so pretty that, I got excited and decided to swatch some polishes that I have waiting… It ended up being a huge waste of three hours! I tried water marbling, swatching single colors, and doing … Continue reading

Utopia’s Polish Swatchfest <3

  Finally!!!! I’m able to add these gorgeous polishes to my color library! I am so happy that I finally got organized and started to plan out my posts weeks ahead! So now every time I get new polishes I will have them up on the blog within a week so I don’t have so … Continue reading

Forever Polished in “Something Blue and Mr. Staxx” Swatch and Review…

So Last week after I finished reviewing Ashley’s new Forever Magic Collection , it really really really made me want to get a lemming from her shop that I have wanted since she came out with it a couple of months ago: Something Blue. There was only one bottle left and She didn’t know if … Continue reading

Cameo Colours Lacquers in “The Gray” Review and Swatch

It’s been two weeks and I’m still sick, I am on day two of six antibiotics. On the news I just saw that the beginning of Flu season is about to start.. well that’s news to me since I’ve been sick since Christmas. Today I feel really bad, I’m freezing yet sweating and I have … Continue reading

Cameo Colours Lacquers in “Baby I’m A Star” Swatch and Review

Good Morning! I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday! Yesterday I was so tired that I needed a vacation after Christmas eve and day. Thankfully I woke up this morning around 7:30 am and I wasn’t tired. I spent the last couple of hours putting up the rest of my polishes on … Continue reading

Wing Dust Collections in “Breathing Underwater” Swatch and Review

Ok the pictures looked a lot better on my phone…lol SORRY!!!!!! The three polishes that I have to show you over the coming posts are: Total Pink Bomb Funky Town Grey Sky Morning You can check out my previous Wing Dust Collections nail polish swatch and review on: Crazy On You   This post is … Continue reading

Wing Dust Collections in “Crazy On You” Swatch and Review

I have five amazing polishes from Stephanie, the creator of Wing Dust Collections Indie nail polishes.  I have swatched all five polishes about three to fours times over the past month because I was never really happy with how they were coming out. Stephanie has been beyond patient and understanding with me, taking so long … Continue reading

Femme Fatale Lacquer “Look At The Pretty Snowflakes!”

I started taking my pictures outside and they look a lot better than the pictures that I have been taking before inside. I tried using my camera and light box, but I just couldn’t get it to work. So I took my happy butt outside and took pictures! From now on I will be doing … Continue reading

Glitter Daze Nail Polish “BAMF”, “Girl Gone Wild”, “Queen B” and “Prima Donna” from the Bad Girl Collection

I have another phenomenal Glitter Daze Collection to show you! I have been trying to upload these pictures for the past two days but they just wouldn’t, so this morning I had to upload eight photos at a time. But I finally got them up YES!! I love this Collection! I am all about bar … Continue reading

Day 3 of the 31 Day Nail Challenge 2012: Yellow Nails

(Here you can get the codes for your blog here for everyday of the challenge) I have made it to Day 3: Yellow! I wanted to do some funky type of nail art with my new nail art pens and Bundle Monster stamping plates, but it didn’t work out. So when all else fails with … Continue reading