In need of inspiration…

Today was a complete bust! Giselle (former TLG) came over this afternoon and I painted her nails. They came out so pretty that, I got excited and decided to swatch some polishes that I have waiting…


It ended up being a huge waste of three hours! I tried water marbling, swatching single colors, and doing nail art with tape.. nothing would work and nothing looked good! I really hate when that happens… I’m all ready to finally get down to business but my nails don’t want to look good! What a mess, I left everything there and closed the door 😦

Hopefully I’ll be able to do something tomorrow after work if I get home before 8pm.

So I really need some inspiration to try and do nail art.

I started looking on Google and found these images:





The last one speaks to me.

3 Responses to “In need of inspiration…”
  1. Oh no! I so hate it when that happens! Hopefully, your nails will cooperate with you today.

  2. everysensory says:

    I really, really hate it when that happens! Argh! Some days it’s just not meant to be (hug)

  3. I despise days like this! And it doesn’t make sense – it’s statistically impossible that NOTHING works, yet it. just. doesn’t.

    I feel for ya.
    Fuck the world, we’re unicorns.

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