Dupe alert! [ Essie vs China glaze ]

Hey guys,
So after I got home the other day I noticed that “light as air” from china glaze (the color I swatched sunday) is very similar to Essie’s “lilacism”. So today when one of my nails chipped during break I decided to remove the whole nail and compare both so here was my findings:) Enjoy



So who did it better?
In my opinion the china glaze was much easier to apply, the Essie formula is thinner and watery. The china glaze formula was just perfect. I did only two costs of the Essie polish to do a perfect comparison and as you can see the color is identical but on the finger That i swatched Essie you can see my nail through the paint which I hate so the Essie lilacism needs a 3rd coat where china glaze only needed two coats for full coverage.

I applied Essie on my index finger… But looking at my whole hand can you even tell?


Since I can’t tell, once my lilacism bottle runs out I will replace this color with the china glaze one cuz not only was the formula better but I can easily find china glaze online for $3/ bottle where the cheapest I’ve seen Essie is like $7.50!

Well let me know what you think and if you have any other dupes to this fantastic color 🙂


8 Responses to “Dupe alert! [ Essie vs China glaze ]”
  1. China Glaze is really fawesome and cheap! I cannot think of using another polish now. Completely addicted lol =]

    • megis217 says:

      Lol yea im starting to dig china glaze a lot idk why I’m always hesitant towards them maybe cuz it’s relatively cheap but honestly I’ve NEVER been let down with them

  2. essentjewels says:

    I have a similar color (essie) I have to change my polish now.

  3. bmweed says:

    I have never tried Essie but about 50/70% of stuff I’ve read says it can be a total nightmare to apply. I had a good look and I really can’t tell the difference AT ALL. What a great discovery to save some ££ 😀

  4. Nice find!! I’ve never seen the China Glaze brand.

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