Essie – Marshmallow (full swatch review)

Hello, lovely followers!

I know that lately its been more like one lacquered girl cause Megan has been doing all the posting. I am finally free from the PCAT I must say I did better than I expected especially in the chemistry section where I kicked butt! so overall yay!! =) right after the PCAT I left to Orlando for a week and I returned to Miami to move so my life has been non-stop and blogging has been the last thing on my mind even though I’ve been meaning to post since I arrived at Orlando. Now that Megan is at Orlando and still blogging she’s making me feel really guilty -__- lol

Anyways, I decided to finish swatching my collection which may take me a while but I’ve already done a few so I will start with my favorites and make my way through all of them. My top favorite color is this one, Essie’s “Marshmallow”. I know it’s just a white but its a white done right. It’s not white-out white it has some sheer to it and some nice shine I love it especially because it’s the perfect base white for any nail art project if you want a nice clean surface. Theres other white’s like the popular Sinful colors white “Snow me white”. However, if you own it, which I do, it’s very thick and not that easy to apply. Snow me white is good for nail art for like dotting and such but not so much for full nail coverage, especially because it looks just like white out. Essie “marshmallow” is recently becoming hard to find since they introduced “blanc” in their collection which sucks! blanc is not at creamy and beautiful as “marshmallow”.


according to the Essie website “Marshmallow” is:

“a cloudy sheer white, perfect for a french manicure

DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free”

Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent, even though the formula is a little sheer and multiple coats are required to get the desired look its well worth and it dries fairly quickly

Color (1-5): 5.. yea I know it’s just White.. but look at that white it’s so pretty this is the white I imagine myself wearing on my wedding day, if I ever decide to marry lmao!

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor): Good: I can’t lie that Essie’s formula could be a little bit thicker so that applying it is a little easier and it doesn’t just come off the nail with each brush stroke. Its weird cause the more you brush with Essie the less polish you have, Am I the only one with this problem?

Coats: I used 3 coats.. I did two coats waited for it to dry and applied the third coat to get it looking the way it does in the pictures

Base coat/ Top coat: Neither, as shown I opted out of using a base coat or top coat. so the shine that you see is straight from the polish itself

Stains: None

Dry time (fast, normal, slow): A little faster than normal but not “fast” lol if you get what I mean

Clean up (easy, messy, hard): Easy

Removal (fast, normal, slow): Easy

Price: Average price of 8.00 USD

Would I recommend to a friend: Yes and i have recommended it in the past and will continue to

Where to purchase: <– $3.98!! (on 8/1/2012)

Also add me on Instagram … Go go gooooo [Gisely2188] or #twolacqueredgirls or #TLG <- both Megan and myself post using those two hashtags!

Bye guys and I won’t be gone for so long ever again ❤ Promise!

– Giselle

31 Responses to “Essie – Marshmallow (full swatch review)”
  1. I really like the way it came out! I need to pick this up, especially since I don’t own any white polishes 🙂

  2. lipstickhero says:

    it’s quite a soft, flattering white and not a really bright, harsh white, which makes it quite a lovely shade. thanks for swatching!

  3. I love this color! It’s not so harsh and in your face. Thanks for the swatch.

  4. Amanda (Mae) says:

    It looks so even, my two white, milani and n.y.c. are so finnecky you have to really work with them to get them so clean and even.

  5. lilvovo says:

    I hear this is a good one for a jelly sandwich mani. If you use a multi glitter it kinda ends up looking like a jawbreaker! XD

  6. whites definitely need to be just right. thanks for sharing this one!

  7. That is SUCH a pretty white. I saw it on IG and was like oooooh. BTW welcome back and CONGRATS

  8. It’s such a simple color that it is over the top pretty!

  9. I might have to try this. I bought blanc when I picked up a bunch of neons, but it’s given me nothing but problems

  10. patgarcia says:

    Good morning,
    Thanks for following my blog. I have just read three of your postings and checked out your colors for nails. I can only say, Cool! The color above I like, especially, very creative.
    Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your nice colors.

  11. patgarcia says:

    Also, just started following you on twitter. Please follow back and if you would like, we can like each other’s FB if you send me your FB page.

  12. I absolutely love this color! What a great review! C:

  13. FeedThePiggy says:

    Really pretty. I love white polish!

  14. Pretty. I love white polish!

  15. Love that color looks great on you

  16. kellymarie91 says:

    What a beautiful color! I definitely have the same problem with Essie being so thin that it requires a few coats to get the right look, but I love the colors enough to keep putting up with it. Plus, they have a rocking base coat.

    I love this blog! Now I can check out colors on a real person before committing to a bottle, and your reviews are so thorough! Thanks for following my blog, by the way! I’ll try to post more nail polish swatches for you guys to check out too 🙂

  17. lolaanne says:

    Ok, now I have to go buy this! I love that color!

  18. Ginny says:

    I recently had to buy a bottle of Marshmallow essie after seeing it here. It looks great on your nails. Not sure how it will look on mine. If I don’t like it plain, I know I have seen you wear it with glitter on top 🙂

  19. semurray28 says:

    I love this post and your swatches! This inspired me to buy this polish and I love it. I also wanted to let you know that I linked to this post in my newest blog entry (

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