Silly kitties <3


I just had to share this picture of my kitties!

I have to be in bed for the next three days because of a tiny..yet painful medical procedure :/ No I didn’t get any ‘work’ done lol it was for health reasons, I’ve been not feeling well for the past couple of months.. hopefully I’ll start to feel better soon now that I did something about it! Anyways I got out of bed to get my icepack and when I turned around this is what I saw at the head of our bed! Pepe and Merle making the shape of a heart with their paws!! I die!! These cats are always fighting… Merle is less than a year old and ALWAYS wants to play and Pepe is almost ten and doesnt want any of it! So when I see them touching it melts my heart!


And they are ready for their manis!

2 Responses to “Silly kitties <3”
  1. budziak says:

    Aww I know what you mean, our girl cat is probably a year younger than the fatty boy cat and they used to cuddle when she was a kitten but now they just chase each other. I know they’re playing but why can they cuddle like they used to?! It’s funny how pets have such distinct personalities.

  2. Oh so so adorable ; )))

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