Essence Cosmetics: Colour & Go ” Sweet as Candy, L.O.L, and Let’s Get Lost” nail polish swatchs part II

    The reason I haven’t blogged since Tuesday even though I had all of my posts ready to go: JIM! This is Jim. I am a cat person to the core… but this little guy has grown on me! My sister brought him home and I have been spending so much time with him. … Continue reading

Utopia’s Polish Swatchfest <3

  Finally!!!! I’m able to add these gorgeous polishes to my color library! I am so happy that I finally got organized and started to plan out my posts weeks ahead! So now every time I get new polishes I will have them up on the blog within a week so I don’t have so … Continue reading

Enchanted Polish Swatchfest

    Finally!!!! I’m able to add these gorgeous polishes to my color library!   Sour Patch Kid   Ocean Potion   Hot Glam Girl   Dragon Spit   Midnight   I hope you enjoyed my Enchanted Polish swatchfest! I just checked and none of these polishes are for sale any longer. I got these … Continue reading

Darling Diva Polish Swatchfest

  Finally!!!! I’m able to add these gorgeous polishes to my color library!   X-Rated   Cotton Candy   Cherry Jubilee   Lady Bug   Pride   Rasberry Kami   Ti Amo   Penny!!!Penny!!!Penny!!   Lovely Lilacs   Foreplay     I hope you enjoyed my Darling Diva Polish swatchfest! I just checked and none … Continue reading

Fancy Friday How to: Get the perfect Pedicure in Ten easy steps.

  I love having my feet done! I am always wearing sandals or flip-flops because well… I live in Miami… Catch me wearing closed-toed shoes… NEVER! I love looking down and seeing perfectly shaped nails that shine like there is no tomorrow. My feet are far from perfect super model feet.. They are wide and … Continue reading

Prettily Inspired Polish in ” Kiss Me At Midnight, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Disco Lights, Lettuce Leaf, and Starlet” Swatch and Review

    This post is about four jelly based polishes and one cream from a new Indie brand called “Prettily Inspired Polish” out of Canada. How cute are the labels????   Kiss Me At Midnight   Description: “Kiss Me At Midnight” is a blueish/dark green see through jelly based polish with tiny gold and dark … Continue reading

Glitter Daze Polishes in “Starships” and “Its Barbie, Biatch” Review and Swatch

My first post of 2013! How was your New Years? I hope that you had a fabulous time! I was sick in bed and I fell asleep around 8:00pm… I know, what a party pooper! But I felt horrible, at least my boyfriend was with me (he was sick too). I’m still sick and I … Continue reading

Glitter Daze in “La Santa Muerte” from The Goddess Collection Review and Swatch

I wanted to do separate posts for the Goddess Collection because I took so many pictures of all of the swatches so it was easier for me to pick out the photos that I liked the best for each polish.  I believe that La Santa Muerte Aphrodite Aurora Iris Selene are just the first round … Continue reading

Day 1 and 2 of the 31 day nail challenge 2012

Ok well I have started the 31 Day Challenge! I posted Day 1: Red on Instagram last night, but I hadn’t had a chance to post it here on the blog until now. If you are joining in on the fun, when you post on Instagram use #31dc2012 so everyone who is participating can share … Continue reading

The 31 Day Challenge 2012

  Hey Everyone, I wasn’t go to post this weekend because I have so much Homework to finish. I really need to stop procrastinating But Chalkboardnails posted this Challenge on her blog and I decided that I wanted to join in the fun!   – Megan