Shoes and Makeup! Check out this amazing giveaway!

I found another amazing giveaway from Benefit and Tieks on Fabebook 🙂 Please use my referral link below: And once you enter, you will get our own link that you can share with your friends 🙂 See you soon! Advertisements reviews: Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream @hydroxatone #betterbb

(These products were sent to me for my honest opinion)   I was really excited that I was given the chance to test out Hydroxatone’s new BB cream! I have yet to find a BB cream that I like, most end up drying up looking like mud on my face for some reason. They never … Continue reading

Raffle has been CANCELED and purchased Tickets have been refunded! Giveaway is now open to all TLG readers!

*Raffle has been CANCELED! Sadly due to only 1% reader interest in the raffle I have decided that it is best to refund tickets that were purchased yesterday. I will be donating to the Children’s Trust under the name TLG anyways. Very sorry for the inconvenience for those of you wonderful ladies that did want … Continue reading reviews: Own Skin Health Refining Moisture Night Cream #ownifabbo #ownatulta

(These products were sent to me for my honest opinion) Ok I have to confess that I don’t really remember to put cream on my face or body daily. I know that it should be like second nature but sometimes I forget; though I always remember to lotion my feet before leaving the house because … Continue reading reviews: Own Lifting Eye Cream #ownifabbo

(These products were sent to me for my honest opinion) I’m not sure if I ever shared with you that I have a really REALLY REALLY bad problem with dark circles all around my eyes! I have under eyes dark circles and over eye dark circles. It has to do with my genes also but … Continue reading

Exciting News: Julep introduces LIPSTICKS! and I got reservations at my favorite restaurant in Disney World!!!!!!

Yes I finally got reservations for our 8 year anniversary dinner in June at our favorite restaurant in Disney World, ‘Ohanas . Just thinking about going is making me so hungry! Now we just need to make reservations for a hotel room..haha     We also started a “diet” (Subway for dinner) and we started … Continue reading

LVX Spring Collection for 2013 swatchest and review

(These products were sent to me for my honest opinion and review)   LVX’s new Spring Collection for 2013 has a shade for everybody! With this collection you will find creams and jellies, pastels, dusty, bright and vampy shades!   Indigo Bleu “Indigo Bleu” is a deep plum purple jelly polish. The formula goes on … Continue reading

This weeks manicure with a side of some Blog updates

  I usually don’t post on the weekends because I like to take this time off to relax from the week’s stresses, but I did so much yesterday that I wanted to share!   Last weekend I decided not to procrastinate and swatched all of the polishes and prepare for last weeks posts. It was … Continue reading

Fancy Friday How to: Get the perfect Pedicure in Ten easy steps.

  I love having my feet done! I am always wearing sandals or flip-flops because well… I live in Miami… Catch me wearing closed-toed shoes… NEVER! I love looking down and seeing perfectly shaped nails that shine like there is no tomorrow. My feet are far from perfect super model feet.. They are wide and … Continue reading

Prettily Inspired Polish in ” Kiss Me At Midnight, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, Disco Lights, Lettuce Leaf, and Starlet” Swatch and Review

    This post is about four jelly based polishes and one cream from a new Indie brand called “Prettily Inspired Polish” out of Canada. How cute are the labels????   Kiss Me At Midnight   Description: “Kiss Me At Midnight” is a blueish/dark green see through jelly based polish with tiny gold and dark … Continue reading