Nail Art using “White Wedding” and “Blogger” from piCture pOlish Nail Polish


It has taken me awhile to finally break down and purchase white wedding. I have wanted it since it came out last summer.

White Wedding




White Wedding is a beyond gorgeous white based polish that sparkles rainbows. I used three coats and maybe next time I will use a white base coat in order to have full coverage. This nail polish is super smooth and leveled out really well. Clean up was kind of a mess as you can see, but it washed off after I washed my hands. I so happy that I finally broken down and purchased it last month.





Blogger is a multi-colored different sized hex glitters. This is one coat over White Wedding with a clear top coat. This glitter topper is super packed with glitter! I mean just look at the pictures I only needed to use one coat. I only purchased this glitter topper because of the name, but once I swatched it I thought it is a very pretty mix. My only issue with Blogger is that the Blue hex glitters are starting to taco, I had to use three coats of top coat to get this swatch smooth.

White Wedding + Blogger + Stamping + Rhinestones + Nail Art!!




I am BEYOND in love with how this turned out! As you know I’m not great at nail art but this came out so pretty!


$12.50 + for a 11 ml bottle

Where to purchase:


23 Responses to “Nail Art using “White Wedding” and “Blogger” from piCture pOlish Nail Polish”
  1. Love the glitters!!!!

  2. Polished PR says:

    White Wedding is such a pretty, elegant color– and the glitter adds the perfect touch, love it!

  3. tribalfaerie says:

    That is GORGEOUS!

  4. lucylucy123 says:

    Wow! Such beautiful polishes, and I love the final look.

  5. silviabia says:

    Blogger is gorgeous!!

  6. White Wedding looks super gorgeous! Shame about Blogger having taco glitter.
    I LOVE your combo at the end!
    Although I’d be afraid the taco would ruin the really pretty combo.

    I really need a good white polish.
    White Wedding is now on my possible list.

  7. Wow! This mani is some crazy pretty bling combo…and White Wedding looks amazing. ❤

  8. blimbo2005 says:

    love the pic with everything combined together

  9. These are fabulous! I wonder where I can get those here in Korea?

  10. Char says:

    That’s amazing!! absolutely love the final result!! x

  11. One of the most beautiful glitters I have ever seen. Stunningly beautiful.

  12. alittlebitofeverything11 says:

    I love your designs. Yous choose very good colors patterns and schemes to go together.where do u get ur designs made or from?

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