TLG isn’t going anywhere…except DISNEYWORLD!

Sorry for all of the posts today! After writing the first one, it made me want to post the second one. Now why am I writing this third post?


A lot of my dear friends that read the blog took it as if I was going to stop posting all together. NO!!! I’m not going to do that!!! The post was meant as a way to get myself to start writing and posting again normally. I needed some passion and fire… drama and tears. Everyone has bad days….and good. This afternoon was a bad day but my awesome friends, my boyfriend and parents reminded me that its not all bad and this will pass.


Anyways, My boyfriend reminded me that in a couple of days we will be in Disney World for a week for our 8 year anniversary. I think that is what I need: to get away for awhile to be able to relax; since it’s been such a stressful year and what better way to relax then a Disney vacation?



I need to start thinking about my Disney manicure! I want to do something really awesome and Minnie themed. I’m going to use this amazing picture of Minnie from OPI’s Couture de Minnie Collection that will be out in a couple of days as inspiration.


This picture is so gorgeous don’t you think?



8 Responses to “TLG isn’t going anywhere…except DISNEYWORLD!”
  1. everysensory says:

    Yay, DisneyPlanet! (grin) I hope you have the best time!

  2. Have a great time and be sure to show minnie your digits and take a photo!

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