Essie – Marshmallow (full swatch review)

Hello, lovely followers! I know that lately its been more like one lacquered girl cause Megan has been doing all the posting. I am finally free from the PCAT I must say I did better than I expected especially in the chemistry section where I kicked butt! so overall yay!! =) right after the PCAT … Continue reading

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012! “Orbit” and “Amethyst” Swatches

I am coming to you LIVE from a hotel room in Walt DisneyWorld! How hard core am I blogging on vacation! Finally!!! I am no good with keeping secrets!!!! 🙂 Its been a tough month!!! I am so EXCITED to share this post with you! Its finally July 30th and today piCture pOlish launches Blog … Continue reading

Finals week is right around the corner…

Hey guys Finals week is right around the corner for both Megan and myself and there is a chance that we may not be able to swatch or share our polish changes because we may not have the time to do any polish changes! but I promise that we will make up for it in the … Continue reading