I’m going a vacation free from technology until Monday… don’t forget about the giveaway!

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My hunt for water….OPI’s “Come to Poppy” Swatch

Apparently everyone now in Miami are going CRAZY and clearing all of the water jugs/bottles in most of the stores. On Tuesday I went to Walmart to purchase groceries and when I went to the water aisle to stock up on my daily gallon of water. [I use a gallon a day as a big … Continue reading

First day of my last semester of my undergrad degree…OPI “A Roll In The Hague” Swatch

Today is the first day of my final semester of my undergrad degree! It feels like I have been in school forever and I thought that I would never make it to this point, because I was planing on being a lifetime student…haha But I made it, and with a beautiful GPA 🙂 yes! This … Continue reading

piCture pOlish Blog Fest 2012! “Orbit” and “Amethyst” Swatches

I am coming to you LIVE from a hotel room in Walt DisneyWorld! How hard core am I blogging on vacation! Finally!!! I am no good with keeping secrets!!!! 🙂 Its been a tough month!!! I am so EXCITED to share this post with you! Its finally July 30th and today piCture pOlish launches Blog … Continue reading