Day 1 and 2 of the 31 day nail challenge 2012

Ok well I have started the 31 Day Challenge! I posted Day 1: Red on Instagram last night, but I hadn’t had a chance to post it here on the blog until now. If you are joining in on the fun, when you post on Instagram use #31dc2012 so everyone who is participating can share … Continue reading

I haven’t purchased nail polish in 24 days! I think I can go longer :)

I am taking a break from studying for a second. I just realized that it has been 24 days since I purchased nail polish! I still have so many untried polishes that need to be swatched and posted, so I guess it good that I don’t add more to the fire. It’s really hard because … Continue reading

My hunt for water….OPI’s “Come to Poppy” Swatch

Apparently everyone now in Miami are going CRAZY and clearing all of the water jugs/bottles in most of the stores. On Tuesday I went to Walmart to purchase groceries and when I went to the water aisle to stock up on my daily gallon of water. [I use a gallon a day as a big … Continue reading

Nightmares…Get paid for taking Surveys..OPI “Rally Pretty Pink” Swatch

Well I haven’t really been writing in great detail about what has been going on with me, and I believe that is why I have been feeling that my posts have been a little impersonal and boring. So instead of just showing you this lovely swatch of OPI’s “Rally Pretty Pink”, I will also tell … Continue reading

Julep – Sasha [Swatch & Review]

Today’s swatch review is an old one I found on my computer! I found a few so I will be posting them =) please be considerate the pictures were taken a while back and honestly I don’t even love them but if I wanna finish swatching my collection I need to start posting them. (ugh … Continue reading

Velvet Mani by Ciaté

Ciaté is quickly becoming one of the top brands in nail polish with their innovative manicures that are available to everyone. Ciaté was founded in 2002 but honestly this year is the first I ever hear of them and they are pushing through with such force with first the “caviar manicure” and now the “Velvet … Continue reading

Mariah carey + OPI = Yes please!

[Image taken from google] I just heard that singer Mariah Carey is working on a new line with OPI to launch on January 2013 and a second line later in 2013! This is the first i hear of this and I can’t be more excited. There is still no idea where this line is headed … Continue reading

OPI ‘Love is a racket’ Swatch and Review <3

Hello!!!!   I can’t believe that this is the first post on TWOLACQUEREDGIRLS.COM!!! YAY I finally purchased the domain after thinking about it for a while and never getting around to doing it. So finally yesterday I did and Two Lacquered Girls is finally LEGIT! WOOHOO! I have been taking pictures all last week of … Continue reading

Essie – “Wicked” (swatch and full review)

Hi! Lately I’ve been really into The Vampire Diaries. I’ve been watching it on Netflix and I’m halfway through season 2. While watching the show there was a color that constantly kept coming back to me while watching the series: Essie’s “wicked” . I remember when this color first caught my attention when I saw … Continue reading

Julep : O’ Canada (swatch and full review)

Hello ladies and a few gents =) Today I want to show you guys O’ canada! it’s so pretty! it’s a glitter top coat from julep’s July box. Best of all is was a Maven Freebie =) I will show you guys what it looks like after one coat and then after two, I personally … Continue reading