What’s on my nails this week and regular posts will start back up tomorrow.

Yesterday and today have been crazy! On Monday there was a nasty rain storm over Miami that lasted the entire day and night. Due to the Strom my home internet was knocked out so I couldn’t upload or edit my post Today I spent the entire afternoon at the hospital with my grandpa and when … Continue reading

China Glaze’s Spring 2013 collection, Avant Garden!

This display is so pretty!! I can’t wait to get my hands on this spring collection! Oh China Glaze you will need a second rack soon <3! China Glaze just keeps on coming out with amazing collections that have at least one shade for every girls style. What do you think about this new collection? … Continue reading

Swatch and Review of “Mixing Magic, Eden, Crown Me!, and Last Battle” from Forever Magic, New Collection from Forever Polished available now!

Today’s post is about the last four swatches that I have to show from the new Forever Magic collection! You can check out Part I which features “Star-Crossed Lovers and Kiran’s Ocean Eyes”. Part II which features “Blue Smoke and Twin Connection” by clicking on the links.   The collection went live yesterday 🙂 Out … Continue reading

Wing Dust Collections In “Grey Sky Morning” Review and Swatch

  Today’s post is all about “Grey Sky Morning” from Wing Dust Collections! You can check out the other posts that I have done about other amazing nails polishes from the shop. Funky Town Breathing Underwater Total Pink Bomb Crazy On You   Grey Sky Morning is a beautiful gray based polish with a gorgeous … Continue reading

Another Recollections Ultra Fine Glitter Mani (“Diamante Mani” name given by MutantSupermodel)

Hello fellow glitter lovers!! It’s Tuesday and I have so much to do this week!!   But as always, I take a break by blogging 🙂 MutantSupermodel wanted me to name this style of manicure before anyone else could..haha I’m sure I’m not the first glitter lover to try this out, but She came up … Continue reading

I haven’t purchased nail polish in 24 days! I think I can go longer :)

I am taking a break from studying for a second. I just realized that it has been 24 days since I purchased nail polish! I still have so many untried polishes that need to be swatched and posted, so I guess it good that I don’t add more to the fire. It’s really hard because … Continue reading

Ok its almost that time of year..HALLOWEEN and I couldn’t help but look at

OK so I try to stay away from because I am a Disneyholic and when I look at the website it makes me want to go to Orlando. But it’s that time of year…almost Halloween, and I love Halloween Disney Style! My boyfriend and I have been going to Disney World every Halloween for … Continue reading

First day of my last semester of my undergrad degree…OPI “A Roll In The Hague” Swatch

Today is the first day of my final semester of my undergrad degree! It feels like I have been in school forever and I thought that I would never make it to this point, because I was planing on being a lifetime student…haha But I made it, and with a beautiful GPA 🙂 yes! This … Continue reading

Nightmares…Get paid for taking Surveys..OPI “Rally Pretty Pink” Swatch

Well I haven’t really been writing in great detail about what has been going on with me, and I believe that is why I have been feeling that my posts have been a little impersonal and boring. So instead of just showing you this lovely swatch of OPI’s “Rally Pretty Pink”, I will also tell … Continue reading

Orly’s Glitter Collection! How exciting! I want them all, what about you??

Hello!! I’m sure that most of you have seen  Orly’s Glitter collections. I am so excited for these and I want purchase them all! As you know I LOVE glitter top coats and Orly is coming out with not one, not 2 but 22 different Glitter top coats in their “Flash Glam FX Collection”! This … Continue reading