Zoya mani in Dream and Mosheen :)

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Happy Saturday!

Two posts in one week! Yay!!! I’m working on it 🙂 So today I have two gorgeous Zoya blues to share with you! These two shades are from the 2013 Zenith Winter Collection. I’m slowly working on swatching and posting all of the shades that I’m behind on!

This is Dream:




I used three thin coats of Dream for this swatch. Dream is a gorgeous deep yet bright blue gelly based polish loaded with holographic sparkle! The formula of this polish is awesome, it leveled out well and went on smooth. If you don’t have Dream in your Zoya Collection, you need it! Really go out and get it… its beyond sparkly!

This is Mosheen over Dream:




Mosheen has gorgeous iridescent bar and hex glitters in a light blue jelly base. I used one coat of Mosheen over Dream. You know how much I LOVE bar glitters and plus its iridescent!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. The bar glitters in this polish laid flat and I had no issues with the formula. I used one coat of clear top coat to smooth this swatch out.

So what do you think about these two blue Zoya shades!?


2 Responses to “Zoya mani in Dream and Mosheen :)”
  1. mintymilky says:

    Love Dream! It’s so pretty 🙂

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