This weeks manicure: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in FL-ROAR-AL


I know its been FOREVER since I posted! I’ve been really really busy with work! But hey I’m back with a fun quick post!

On Monday after work I went to the mall to return a swimsuit that I ordered on line from Torrid. I ended up buying a pair of jeans and I super cute top! I’ll be posting about it soon, I’m so in love with it and it’s a style that I wouldn’t normally wear. Anywho…. after driving back to my parents house to wait for miguel to pick me up so we could drive home together, I was just too tired to paint my nails for the week. Before going home we stopped at CVS which is thankfully only 3 blocks away from our house! I ended up getting a box of Sally Hansen Salon Effects. I haven’t used these polish strips in about over a year or so…but they have super cute designs and I needed something quick.


I also purchased a new top coat!


I ended up purchasing FL-ROAR-AL, which has flowers, zebra and cheetah prints!


After I applied the strips I added a top coat for extra shine.


Since my nails are shorts I was able to use one pack instead of both. I would apply a strip to one nail and then after breaking it off I would put the leftover strip to my other hand on the same nail.


This Mani took me about half the time if I were to paint both hands since I’m horrible painting my right hand and make a total mess…every time!

I love how it turned out! Super easy and fast nail art!

So have you tried Salon Effects? What’s your favorite print?


8 Responses to “This weeks manicure: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in FL-ROAR-AL”
  1. komarovstyle says:

    Its beautiful nail art….

  2. catsholiday says:

    I haven’t tried these – what a clever idea

  3. alittlebitofeverything11 says:

    Ive tried the cheetah print n the sparkel. I love these there super cute n quick. Great for the summer. How did the big shiny top coat work

  4. Julie says:

    Love these! I love nail strips for vacations and those times when you just know you won’t have time to fuss with your nails. Would like to know more about that Big Shiny Top Coat…how do you like it?

  5. Haven’t tried these, but won some in a giveaway recently and excited to!
    Looks cool!

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