Valentine’s themed manicure: Ciate Caviar Pearls in Prom Queen


So I wanted to share with you some different Valentine’s date night manicures that are fun and easy to do before your big night!

For today’s post, I used Pure Ice in Jamaica Me Crazy as my base with Ciate caviar pearls in Prom Queen. Jamaica Me Crazy ended up being an awesome base for Prom Queen since its a hot pink polish that shimmers blue. I thought that this would be a super cute Valentine’s day manicure idea because of the colors in this mix.

Prom Queen is a mixture of navy, magenta and silver beads. It also has magenta and silver hex glitters! I love how the different colors complement each other.





I applied three coats of Jamaica Me Crazy one nail at a time. I didn’t let the last coat dry (one nail at a time) so that the pearls would stick to the wet polish. In order for the pearls to go on each nail, I poured some from the bottle directly on the nail (over a paper towel for easy clean up) and patted them down and waited for JMC to dry. Once I was sure my manicure was completely dry (don’t use a clear coat! It will take the color off of the pearls), I put back all of the excess pearls back into the bottle to use for next time.

The caviar pearls didn’t last long but that’s what makes it a great Valentine’s date night manicure! A gorgeous one night only deal 🙂

See you tomorrow with another Valentine’s idea ❤


4 Responses to “Valentine’s themed manicure: Ciate Caviar Pearls in Prom Queen”
  1. Amria says:

    I love these! Especially in this colour combination, but I have a horrible time putting them on 😦

  2. canberly says:

    This is really cool! How long does it last?

  3. alittlebitofeverything11 says:

    Reblogged this on MakeupGalore and commented:
    I love these color combinations soo pretty and girlie

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