Ciate Caviar Pearls in Candyshop


I bought the Ciate calendar mini set last year or the year before, when they were for sale at Sephora. I was really excited to try different nail polishes from Ciate since I didn’t own any full sized bottles. Let’s say that I got excited about something else since I’m now getting around to using the caviar pearls from Ciate. 🙂 Bad I know 😦

So let’s get started 🙂

I used China Glaze in Towel Boy Toy as my base with Ciate caviar pearls in Candyshop.

Candyshop is a mixture of teal, magenta and a rusty gold beads. I love how the different colors complement each other.





I applied three coats of Towel Boy Toy one nail at a time. I didn’t let the last coat dry (one nail at a time) so that the pearls would stick to the wet polish. In order for the pearls to go on each nail, I poured some from the bottle directly on the nail (over a paper towel for easy clean up) and patted them down and waited for TBT to dry. Once I was sure my manicure was completely dry (don’t use a clear coat! It will take the color off of the pearls), I put back all of the excess pearls back into the bottle to use for next time.

The caviar pearls didn’t last long but it was a really gorgeous manicure while it lasted! I’m looking forward to using my other caviar pearls soon 🙂


9 Responses to “Ciate Caviar Pearls in Candyshop”
  1. alittlebitofeverything11 says:

    Reblogged this on MakeupGalore and commented:
    Soo pretty I would definitely try this soon

  2. Mchan says:

    I tried it too after buying some from Sephora during the sales but I’m really disappointed. I didn’t have holes between the pearls it was quite even but I put my nail in the bottom while the coat was still wet so I was quite happy about that.
    The problem as you said was that it didn’t last long and the little pearls left the tip of my nails quite quickly so I’m not a fan. Also I didn’t like the rough patch it made on my nails.

  3. budziak says:

    I’ve been meaning to do this too. I received Nails Inc nail beads from a friend in the UK months ago and haven’t used them yet!

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