TLG has finally moved into a new home! And Ciate’s Dragonfly Collection information.


I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend! Did you do any shopping?
I didn’t sadly.. no polish or makeup for me.

I spent the whole weekend moving into our new house! I’ve never been so tired in my life! But it’s worth it! I’ll have pictures to share with you soon! But here is a picture of my backyard:


We purchased furniture already and most of it is coming on Tuesday. My beauty room isn’t ready yet… I only have my swatch table… but it should be ready within the next two weeks. I need to purchase a bigger desk and bring my desk top computer from my parents house. We still don’t have internet. At&t keeps on canceling on us since its new construction. I really don’t understand but I hope to get everything up an running since I can’t really do much blogging from my cell phone (which I’m doing now but I hate it). Yesterday I brought home my polishes.. I hope they made it ok on the drive over, I didn’t have the energy to open anything last night since I worked all day and then came home to clean and did three loads of laundry and we went to the store to purchase fans for the rooms. Busy busy lady. Anyways I’ll have more information and pictures soon!

But I did want to share an email I received from Ciate this morning:


This is the Dragonfly Collection.

Shop all 6 Paint Pots from the Dragonfly Collection.

Ciaté® Empress Nail Polish

Rule the world with this pink-y nude with a pearly twist, a great way to add oomph to natural nails.

Ciaté® Encore Nail Polish

This muted orange perfect for wearing all-year-round as an alternative to a classic red.

Ciaté® Fly With Me Girl Nail Polish

Drift away with this opalescent opulent green, sure to make you the envy of your friends.

Ciaté® Hidden Gem Nail Polish

The search is over! The perfect must have mustard has been created; this perfectly balanced yellow tone will give any girl an edge.

Ciaté® Morning Dew Nail Polish

This glistening holographic grey is perfect to add a hint of sparkle into your nail polish wardrobe.

Ciaté® She’s Eclectic Nail Polish

Is it blue, is it purple? This clever duo-tone polish is a metallic gem. Perfect to compliment a cocktail ring.

I fell in love!

You can purchase them here:

I’m adding these to my Christmas wish list!


I will be verifying the entries to the zoya giveaway as soon as the have internet!

2 Responses to “TLG has finally moved into a new home! And Ciate’s Dragonfly Collection information.”
  1. Brittnee says:

    Those colors are all so pretty! Happy moving – it’s such a pain!

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