LVX Fall 2013 collection swatch and review

(These products were sent to me for my honest opinion and review)


November has been super crazy so far!  Hopefully I will have good news to share with you all soon!

I know that I haven’t been blogging lately… I’m trying! 🙂 I just haven’t had a lot of free time this month.

Today what I have to share with you is the Fall collection from LVX for 2013! Know I know these six shades may seem like nothing new to you, however their formulas are what make them stars in my eyes! So, if you are looking for the perfect Fall cream shades with amazing formulas, you have come to the right blog post! LVX is always on point with their formulas and most of this collection are one coaters!






A whimsical neutral with strong peach undertones, this feminine hue pairs well with a new and transitioning autumnal wardrobe and will cross into future seasons. Pair Cliquot with Relique and like taupes for an refined retro look.

Cliquot is a dusty rose cream based polish that will look good on any skin tone. The formula goes on smooth and leveled out in two coats.






The perfect muted bright, Cashmere is a cool gray that conquers the typical deep autumnal hues. This refreshing neutral pairs well with every color in the palette. For a classic look, pair Cashmere with deep shades of blue and red.

Cashmere is a dusty light gray cream based polish. The formula is smooth and only took one coat to offer full coverage.






With continuous excitement circulating around SS 13’s it color, Viridis is an intensified and deep autumnal adaptation of the stunning gemstone. Emerald, named Color of the Year by Pantone, is 2013’s go to color. Pair this daring green with soft and cool neutrals.

Viridis is a dark emerald green polish. The formula is smooth and it only took one coat to offer full coverage!






This sultry crimson is dramatic and powerful. With its complex violet nuances, Dahlia is both feminine and empowering. For a romantic look pair Dahlia with soft and whimsical colors, like our very own Cliquot.

Dahlia is a rich ox blood gellyish-cream based polish. The formula is smooth and took two coats to level out perfectly.






This bold color is the perfect color transition as we enter colder and darker nights. With its multifaceted plum undertones, Relique is the perfect heated taupe. Pair this gorgeous taupe with white and light gray for an ultra refreshing look.

Relique is a rich taupe gray cream polish. The formula was smooth and one took one coat to offer full coverage.






Serene and tranquil, this timeless navy blue is this season’s alternative to black. Azzurrum grounds the season’s collection and compliments every color in the palette. For an ultra sophisticated look, pair this rich navy with distinct shades of gray such as our very own Cashmere.

Azzurrum is a gorgeous dark navy blue cream polish. The formula went on smooth and I only used one coat 🙂




$16.00 for a 15 ml bottle




Where to Purchase:





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So what are your thoughts of LVX’s Fall 2013 line? Love/hate them? Do you own any LVX nail polishes?



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