Swatch and Review with an extra crafty twist of LCN’s Mirror Nail Polish Set

(These products were sent to me for my honest opinion and review)




















**Mirror, mirror on the wall – which mirror Polish is the fairest of them all? The reflective LCN mirror polish gleams and glistens in an ultra metallic hue! Cute metallic bag contains in the following colours  (- MP1) nude (- MP2), blue (- MP3) and green (- MP4) and is available exclusively in a premium LCN polish bottle.

Set includes cute Girls’ Night Out Clutch**


Since the end of June my nails have been peeling no matter what I do, so finally I decided to chop them all off and start from scratch. Problem is I swatched this collection but the pictures looked HORRIBLE!! ( I have included some that I did in August and two that I did this weekend) So since I have waited way too long for my nails to grow and stay long I decided to do this (and a couple of other reviews) review with a crafty twist.


I’m not sure if you know, but my other hobby is crafting. I LOVE to craft and this idea to swatch polish was born. I have been using my nail polishes to paint cabochons hearts for the past couple of months. I didn’t want to share my precious jems, because I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. I know that a lot of girls out there use cabochons and nail polish to make jewelry, but I want to use them to either make tiles for my wall or frames for mirrors or pictures. I have almost my whole polish collection swatched on cabochons, and they are sitting in a box until I figure out how to use them.




So what did I use for these swatches?


– LCN’s Mirror Nail Polish Set


– Cabochon hearts



Don’t they look beautiful! ❤























Mirror Set



Mirror Set



The formula for all four of these polishes were pretty much the same (make sure you roll the bottle before applying the polish). When I first started swatching I noticed that once the polish dried you could see all of the ridges and imperfections on my nails. I wasn’t too happy about that so I removed the polish and used a base coat. No matter how long I waited for the base coat to dry once I applied the polish, it would drag away the base coat and I would have to start the swatch all over. I ended up just swatching the polishes over my bare nail and had to deal with seeing all of the bumps. Other than the issue that I need to find a base coat that will work with this collection I liked the colors. It only took one coat to get full coverage and the formula dries super fast. I didn’t use a top coat for these swatches and none of the polishes left stains.




$47.00 for the set (with a free pink bag)

$11.90 for each single polish




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2 Responses to “Swatch and Review with an extra crafty twist of LCN’s Mirror Nail Polish Set”
  1. beachgal says:

    wow – these really shine – lots of silver I guess in them to get that reflective quality. Like to see the other 2 shades done in a full hand on you!

  2. Those look really pretty!!
    I didn’t notice any imperfections until you mentioned it. You don’t have any imperfections anyway… ^_−☆

    I do tend personally to avoid polishes with this finish for same reason. Even though they’re pretty.

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