Hidden Treasure Candle review: Tropical Escape

Have I ever told you that I love candles?

Well I do. I’ve almost brunt the house down a couple of times because of it.


For awhile I was banned from lighting up 😦 but when I started making my own money, no one could hold me back!

I was on Facebook last week and I started to go around liking different candle companies Facebook pages. I found Treasure Candle and they were running a giveaway. I entered and a couple days later I found out I had won! (I have been entering candle giveaways like crazy since then… if you would like a list of them…let me know in the comments)

I was super excited because I have never tried a candle that had a prize inside of it before. The shipping way really fast, it took less than a week to get to me and as soon as I opened the box I lit it up!




The candle that I received from the giveaway was a layered candle called Tropical Escape.

Here is some information from the website:

Let your senses fly away to the tropics when as you take in the sweet smell of the Tropical Escape layered candle. Start with the mouth-watering notes of juicy orange, lemon, and maraschino cherries. Then work your way to the center with its tangy pineapple, acai berry, and creamy coconut. Finally, revel in the aroma of fresh juicy pineapples.

1 Tropical Escape Pie candle
All natural soy wax
Contains a hidden surprise marked with an ‘X’!
20 oz
Made in the USA

The candle has a strong scent that I could smell even in the next room, which is awesome! Its sweet but not over powering.
I am very picky when it comes it candle scents, so I wasn’t sure if i would like this scent, but I ended up loving it!


Look it has glitter!! β™₯


As soon as I saw the little “prize” foil I ran to the garage and asked my dad for some heavy duty tweezers.


May I suggest that you wait until the wax is completely melted or it will be a mess and a pain to take out.


I couldn’t wait and I dug it out.



Some wax got on the necklace because I couldn’t wait and the foil tore a little. However the wax wiped off the necklace with no problem.



I’m not sure what the value of this necklace is. It really isn’t really something that I would wear but my mom liked it, so I gave it to her πŸ™‚

I’m still enjoying the candle and its been about a week since I started using it. It burns slow and when I blow it out there isn’t a lot of smoke.


Where to purchase:

Find them on Facebook:

So do you own any ‘surprise’ candles? What are your thoughts?

6 Responses to “Hidden Treasure Candle review: Tropical Escape”
  1. Elizabeth Carrillo says:

    Love candles!! Wax is my next love, besides polish πŸ˜‰ I don’t own surprise candles, although I do enjoy ordering surprise candles by Candles by Victoria! My favorite candle maker πŸ™‚ Actually placed a decent order yesterday while she was running a sale[ends today at 2pm cst, fyi. :)]. Can’t wait to receive and smell them!

    • MeganfromTLG says:

      UGH! I just saw this comment! lol Idk if I follow candles by victoria on fb maybe I do because of Haven’t you been spammed by my entries to giveaway on fb? lol What are CBV like? What prizes do you get?

  2. einalemog says:

    For most of 2012, I was purchasing up Diamond Candles nearly every other week (especially when they had those great B1G1 promos). I slowed down a bit in 2013, and haven’t actually purchased one at all the last few months. I have seen other companies do similar, and have been tempted to see if I should pick up that “habit” again. For what it’s worth, DC candles smelled fantastic and were truly worth the price even without the extra goodie inside πŸ˜‰

    • MeganfromTLG says:

      I wish I had the extra cash to purchase candles every other week, I wouldn’t use electricity ! I love candles! I used to do the bath and body works 2 for 20 but as soon as they raised the price I stopped 😦 This is the first candle that I try that has a prize inside. I think DC will be the next one. Shopping for something that you “collect” is addicting.. :/ and it’s so hard to break the habit! I haven’t spent any money for over 30 days and have been selling what I can on ebay because we just put another offer on a house and I don’t want to move with some much crap that I don’t really need.

      • einalemog says:

        I would’ve never purchased so many if it weren’t for the coupons … but alas now they are gone 😦 Hope your offer gets accepted – we stopped trying ourselves, getting outbid by $$k takes the fun out of home-buying :/ Good luck! πŸ™‚

      • MeganfromTLG says:

        We didn’t get it.. the seller wanted more money and wasn’t going to come down. We put in another offer two weeks ago and should have heard something today! We even offer $10k more then the asking price because its getting crazy.. I want to die!

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