Alanna Renee Cosmetics Drink of Despair

Happy Thursday lovelies!  How is your week going?  

Today I am showing you a polish from an Australian Indie, Alanna Renee Cosmetics.  

Part of the Magical World collection (Harry Potter, woohoo!), Drink of Despair is an emerald green glitter mix in a green jelly base.  


In the series, the Drink of Despair is a mysterious potion which induces fear, delirium, and extreme thirst. It is emerald green and glows phosphorescently, and it had to be drunk in order to reach one of the Horcrux.  

I used two coats of Drink of Despair and topped it off with HK Girl fast drying top coat.

Application was good, the formula is nice. I paint at a reasonable pace so as to not flood my cuticles or make a mess, and the time between coats makes it less likely to smudge the first coat.

In the light box.


In the sunlight.


Look at that gorgeous green sparkle! I am completely in love with this polish.

What do you think of Drink of Despair?

I purchased my bottle from Singapore based Shoppe Eclecticco, but you can also purchase through US based Color4Nails.

Until next week,

– Cameo

2 Responses to “Alanna Renee Cosmetics Drink of Despair”
  1. Gorgeous! Do you know if Alanna Renee ships to the USA?

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