Dance Legend Termo Trio 01

Hey everyone!  

I have been SO busy getting the new shop ready and preparing three kids for back to school! How has your last week been?  

Today I have Dance Legend Termo Trio 01 to show you! This thermal polish from Russia changes from blue (when warm) to pink (somewhere in between warm and cold) to purple (when cold).

I did two coats of this polish, the first was a little streaky but it leveled out nicely with the second. It dries with a matte finish. I topped it with a thin layer of my own “Spectacular, Spectacular! ” and finished the mani off with HK Girl top coat.

Termo Trio 01 when warm.


Termo Trio 01 when transitioning.


See the pink in the middle?


Termo Trio 01 when cold.


I really loved this look, but with as hot as it has been it stayed blue the whole time, haha. I had to hold an ice pack to get it to change for me to photograph!

What do you all think of this polish?

– Cameo

3 Responses to “Dance Legend Termo Trio 01”
  1. Shanna says:


  2. everysensory says:

    I love it! Especially with the holographic top coat 😀

  3. Primark & Parma Violets says:

    Hi there, sorry to post this here, but I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!

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