Day 4 of LAID BACK BEAUTY WEEK on Julep’s Invisible Dry Shampoo Review

I’m not really sure when LAID BACK BEAUTY WEEK on TLG became Super LAZY Beauty Week on TLG! hahaha, So Laid Back Beauty Week has rolled over into a new week… Due to this, I’m just going to stop at day 7, whenever I end up getting there 🙂



So this week on it’s all about products that are easy to use and help you feel beautiful without having to work hard for it! For Day four of LAID BACK BEAUTY WEEK, I have Julep’s Invisible Dry Shampoo to share with you.

Some information from Julep’s Website:

You want 20 more minutes of sleep. Your hair wants a break from the blow dryer. This lightweight spray-on powder absorbs oil, adds body, and leaves no residue. Enjoy fresh, voluminous locks and an extra snooze cycle or two.

To use: Shake well. Spray on roots and work through hair.

Ingredients: Propane, Alcohol Denat., Butane, Isobutane, Aluminum Starch Cotenylsucciante, Cyclopentasiloxane, Isopropyl Myristate, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Propylene Carbonate, Fragrance/Parfum.


I have never tried a dry shampoo before so I thought it was a pretty cool idea, if it actually worked! I usually wash my hair every two to three days because my scalp tends to get really itchy and the roots of my hair get super greasy. My hair care routine usually consists of shampoo, conditioner (weekly deep conditioner), blow dry and flat iron. By day two or three the top of my head starts to feel nasty and I have to re start the routine again. It’s a lot of work to do every two to three days and I only get to enjoy my hair the first day anyway. So I was really excited that Julep came out with a Dry Shampoo and couple months back! Of course I had to purchase the product box so that I could get to try it out.



When I first shook the dry shampoo the liquid that was inside ended up all over my shirt. I emailed Julep Friday night about what had happened and by Tuesday I had a new bottle in my mail box! I know that some people have had issues with Julep’s CS but I have never had an issue with them, I think they are great, every time that I have had an issue they always fix it in no time.

So on Tuesday I finally got to try the dry shampoo and I have to say that it was worth the wait! It has a light powdery scent. I have dark hair so I was worried that it might show, but the dry shampoo went on clear and after I brushed it all through my hair I couldn’t notice that I had used it. Julep’s dry shampoo has saved my hair on day three!

Now if I don’t have enough time to wash, dry and flat iron my hair (which is often now) I use the dry shampoo so that my scalp doesn’t itch like crazy and my hair doesn’t look wet when I have it up in a ponytail.


So what do you think of Julep’s Dry Shampoo? Have you tried it? Do you love/hate/own it? Have you tried any other brands of dry shampoo?






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