Day 3 of LAID BACK BEAUTY WEEK on : JumpFromPaper™ review by Cameo

Hey everybody! I’ve been busy and completely forgot to write a post last week, so sorry!

I have a quick review for you today.  
I am not a purse person, unless the purse or bag in question is interesting to ME. I’m not generally an “on trend” kind of person, I like what I like and could not care less what is popular with everyone else when it comes to my personal style.

With that said, when I saw these bags, I fell in purse-love, hard.   Per their website, “JumpFromPaper™  is a playful and innovative line of bags created by Taipei-based design duo, Chay Su and Rika Lin. Cartoon-like outlines and bright and cheerful colors add a brisk yet funky flavor. And despite the slim appearance, each JumpFromPaper™ bag has a roomy interior to accommodate personal belongings and even iPad/tablets.”.  

The one I got is from the original collection, it’s called the “Afternoon Tea”. It is their smallest (and least expensive) bag. It will not fit an iPad/tablet (and they notify you of that in the description for the bag), but it’s still plenty roomy.  I have not managed to get mine anywhere close to full so far.  





It is super cute and really does look like a cartoon!  

These bags are spendy, but they feel very durable and are so different from what’s on the market.

The “Afternoon Tea” bag retails for $79 plus shipping.  

You can snag your own at!

– Cameo

2 Responses to “Day 3 of LAID BACK BEAUTY WEEK on : JumpFromPaper™ review by Cameo”
  1. I’ve been wanting their “First Date” bag for a long time. I might splurge soon, maybe for my bday. Love the one you picked out.

  2. Cameo says:

    Bellezakisses, I have that one and another coming, haha. Can you say hooked? 😉

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