Day 1 of LAID BACK BEAUTY WEEK on Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics Review #sunvoxbox

(This product was sent to me for my honest opinion and review)



This week on is all about products that are easy to use and help you feel beautiful without having to work hard for it! Today I have Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics to share with you because what is more laid back than having your hair up in a ponytail? Since it has been so hot and always raining here in Miami as of late, I haven’t worn my hair down unless it’s to go out, because I don’t want to iron my hair just to have it frizz out moments later. I usually always have my hair in a bun or a ponytail and there are hair elastics all over my house just in case (Bob- the cat- uses them as toys also).

So I was excited when I received the Sunkissed VoxBox from Influenster and Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics were included to try out. The hair elastics that I normally wear are also from Goody, the Ouchless Elastics in black. I like wearing back elastics better than colored ones because I feel it looks weird.

This is the first time that I am trying any form of a hair “ribbon”, because I didn’t feel like it would hold up well since my hair is very thick and I have a lot of it. Not every hair elastic is made the same and not every hair elastic works, at least for me.  So I had Giselle test them with me since we have different amounts of hair  🙂


Here is a little bit of information from Goody about its Ouchless Ribbon Elastics:

The Embodiment of fashion and comfort from America’s #1 elastics brand, the new Ouchless Ribbon Elastics are the pretty solution to hot summer hair days.

  • Soft, stretchy material that looks beautiful on the wrist or in the hair!
  • From America’s #1 elastics brand, Goody® Ouchless®
  • Unique knot style hair ties are perfect for personalizing or dressing up your look.


Giselle is wearing Goody Ouchless Ribbon in gray. The ribbon went around three times, yet she felt that it didn’t have enough hold for her to feel completely comfortable, however the ribbon did hold her ponytail from falling.


The ribbon went around twice and she felt that it had a good enough hold that the bun wouldn’t undo if she were to move about.




For me the ribbon went around twice and I was trying to make it go around a third time, because the ribbon wasn’t holding my ponytail.


I tried using the ribbon to hold my bun, however it wouldn’t go around a second time.


My final thoughts on this product is that if you don’t have thick or a lot of hair this product may work for you. For me at least there wasn’t enough hold, so I am going to stick with the Ouchless Elastics in black also by Goody.




Varies from retailer to retailer ($3.99 – $4.99)




Where to purchase:




What is your go to LAID BACK hair style? What type of hair elastics do you love or hate?








2 Responses to “Day 1 of LAID BACK BEAUTY WEEK on Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics Review #sunvoxbox”
  1. everysensory says:

    Always a ponytail for me, or a really rough bun (you know, a ponytail folded in half hehehe). And elastics without metal bits, the clips are nicer for not getting headaches, but they ping off my hair at random intervals. Great review!

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