Its Thursday! A guest post from Cameo!

Hi everybody, happy day before Friday! This week I have a review of HK Girl fast drying top coat that I purchased from Glisten & Glow.  

I have three kids, four dogs, three cats, oodles of housework and run my own business. I love painting my nails, but I do not have time to sit around waiting for polish to dry…Most people don’t.  Once I got my hands on Seche Vite, it was love…I even enjoy the smell (I’m told that’s weird)!
  What I don’t enjoy is the shrinkage. It isn’t a problem on my tips unless my nails are very short, because I wrap my polish around the free edge. My shrinkage problem is at the base of my nails!  It ends up looking like I did a sloppy job of polishing because the SV shrunk. I read that it’s due to not encapsulating the entirety of the polish, but I don’t want to flood my cuticles! The shrinkage is not always immediately evident, but it worsens the longer I wear the mani.


[SV shrinkage pic, this is 15 minutes after top coating.]

  HK Girl is said to be basically the holy grail of fast drying top coats: Dries as fast or faster than Seche, is harder but also resistant to chipping, has more shine and lasts longer, good for smoothing rough glitters (I will have to test that out at a later date), and doesn’t dull the rainbow effect in linear holographic polishes.

What what what?!? As a confirmed rainbow junkie and purveyor of more than a few holo polishes, I HAD to verify that particular claim right away.  I used two thin coats of my own dark to bright blue linear holographic,  You’re Sapphired.


[Without top coat, indoors with flash]  

After adding an accent of Seafetti (by Sea Lore Polish) to my ring fingers, I topped it all off with a thin coat of HK Girl. It is not as thick as Seche Vite, so I wanted to be sure I didn’t flood my cuticles (as thin polish tends to do if one uses too much).  It takes approximately one minute for me to top coat my manicures. By the time I had finished top coating the last finger of my second hand, my first hand was dry to the touch.  My nails were super shiny. I had to take the dogs outside just a few minutes afterwards, and my polish did not dent or wrinkle.  

Holy. Holo. Hotness. I couldn’t get a good sun shot, the holo made my camera wig out!  


[Outside pic]

Then I came back inside and got a shot with flash.  


[Indoor flash photo]  

The flash always makes my hands look Oompa Loompa/Jersey Shore orange, but it lets me better showcase the polish, so fair trade.   The HK Girl truly didn’t dull the rainbow effect, not even a little. I was amazed and very pleased. I had no shrinkage at the base either.

This mani was chipped the next morning, but I am attributing that to my use of such a thin coat.  

Early Friday afternoon I used it on my mani for girls night out. I did two coats that were just a bit thicker than my original thin coat, because the polish I used had a slightly gritty (non-glitter) finish. When I went to change my polish on Sunday afternoon, I had no chips, no tip wear, no shrinkage and my mani still shone like it was done that day.

I cannot say yet that it will replace Seche Vite for me entirely (especially as I still have quite a lot of SV on hand), but I definitely recommend HK Girl top coat and will use it over all my holo manis.  

I also recently purchased Glossy Glam top coat, and am working on a review of that for a later date.  

So, a few questions, as I’d love more interaction from readers.
– What is your favorite top coat?
– What did you think of this review, in terms of length, thoroughness, and so forth?
– What would YOU like to see me write about?

Let me know in the comments, I DO read them and reply!

3 Responses to “Its Thursday! A guest post from Cameo!”
  1. Nice review! I use top2Bottom by Orly but find it causes bubbles. So I’ve switched to essie – ridge filler (I didn’t use a base coat for like 6 months and my nails have yellowed and peeled a bit) and top coat. Much better though the essie chips a bit easier than the orly.

  2. Lettie says:

    I knew it was by Cameo without even reading the title….I was reading her description of herself and going “hey, sounds like my daughter” then saw the pics….of course it was! 🙂

  3. Cameo says:

    I haven’t tried either of those Jenn. When i got started polishing, I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri as my top coat, then switched to Out The Door, and the Seche. My go to base coats depend on what I’m putting on my nails. If it’s glitter or I know I’m going to want to change my mani the next day, I use Yellow Stopper as a base because it acts like a peel off base coat. If I want my mani to last a few days, I use either Nail Envy or Essie Grow Stronger. 🙂

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