Advertisements Welcomes Guest Blogger Cameo from Cameo Colours Lacquers!

Note from Editor: As you know I love Cameo and asked her to do a weekly guest post for!

Hi everybody, Cameo here…I’m back!  As you may or may not be aware, I have done a couple of guest posts here on Two Lacquered Girls. A few days ago, Megan and I were chit-chatting and out of the blue she asked if I would be interested in doing a weekly guest post! After a few minutes discussion (What will I write about? I’m not really nail art proficient haha!), I agreed.

So here we are, let’s jump right in and start off with a review!  I got my hands on Day Glow by Serum No. 5, and could not wait to get it on my nails.

Day Glow is a nice sunny yellow polish. The formula is thin (as yellows and pastels tend to be) but great.  The finish is matte with a slight gritty texture, also to be expected from polishes that glow in the dark. I used two normal coats with a few minutes dry time between them,  added a third slightly thicker coat to even it all out, and topped it off with Seche Vite.

One coat.


Two coats.


Two coats close up to show the finish.


Two coats in darkness with ten second charge.


Three coats with top coat. Shiny!


Three coats in darkness with ten second charge.


Thirty second charge.


One minute charge.

WOWZA, look at that glow! I tip my Indie polish creator hat to Victoria, because this is the best and brightest glow polish I’ve ever used, hands down.

What do you all think of this polish? Do you own any Serum No. 5’s, or will you be trying to snag some now?

Thanks so much for reading.  If there’s anything specific (other than nail art, lol) you’d like to see in my weekly post, tell me in the comments section!

One Response to “ Welcomes Guest Blogger Cameo from Cameo Colours Lacquers!”
  1. Shanna B. says:

    Great post, Cameo! I need another nail mail buddy to swap some polish for another prepaid Visa so I can get this, lol! Definitely going on my wishlist!

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