This is something a little different, but I’m so glad that I am able to join in on POLISH PAL goes around the world!

Yesterday I received a package from a nail blogger friend of mine Elizabeth!

You may know Elizabeth from her amazing blog The Lacquer Lover and @thelacquerlover over on IG.

So what was in the package you ask??? Polish? Glitter? Dreams waiting to be fulfilled? Magic?

Ok I can only tell you what was in half of the package that Elizabeth sent me because she had clearly stated that she forbid me to open it until my birthday on Sunday… so we shall wait…until I can wait no more!

This however is what I can share with you right now:


This a Polish Pal hanging out of the windowsill watching my mom take the pups for their afternoon walk. 
However while she is in Miami, she will be known as chancleta …lol because around here we wear flip flops.

Isn’t that the cutest plush bottle of polish that you have ever seen?

You may have no idea what this blog post is all about; so let me fill you in:





So Maggie from created Polish Pal.

And sent her off to Texas to visit with Lucero of


Lucero then sent Polish Pal to Georgia to visit with Elizabeth of


So now Polish Pal is visiting Miami and I’m not really sure where to take her yet or where she is going to go on her next adventure once she’s bored of me! But I have a week to figure that all out! 🙂

Pretty cool idea right! Better than that traveling pair of pants that got those girls into trouble.. lol

And I plan to keep a log since who knows… this could be a book someday.


5 Responses to “This is something a little different, but I’m so glad that I am able to join in on POLISH PAL goes around the world!”
  1. lanerbell says:

    I love this! I saw her in Georgia on Instagram and thought she was adorable. I hope I get her eventually!

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