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Note from the Editor: I’m so excited to finally share this guest post! As you know I have had a crazy month, but things are getting back to “normal”, so I hope you enjoy this guest post from Brigitte of


So how awesome is this?!?! Two Lacquered Girls is just awesome in all they do! This is a total fan moment for me and I am soooo happy and honored to be able to reach out a whole new set of fans! Anyway, I did a post on a polish that was sent me to as a gift or random act of kindness (RAOK). My fans know how much I love darker, vampy colors and one sent me this Tivoli polish because it fits my style. Since I love my Tivoli RAOK so much, I decided to decorate it with a  little OPI. I picked up Which is Witch? from Giant Eagle (my local grocery store). They sometimes put random OPIs and other great brands out that they want to discontinue or only have 1 or 2 bottles left. I actually picked up a couple and I love this one! I love anything with glitter, of course, but this is really pretty. Which is Witch? is from the OZ- Great and Powerful Collection. It is the only one from that collection that I own. I think for the most part, the colors of that collection are waaaaayyyy too light for my vampness! The glitter was really great to apply and really gleams in the light. Anyway… here is Tivoli pimped out!!

Tivoli Color Shock- NP179

OPI -Which is Witch?


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