Unboxed: Green Grab Bag – A Natural and Organic Subscription Box

(These products were sent to me for my honest opinion and review)




Subscription boxes… love them…hate them…need them…want them!  For me, subscription boxes are like receiving presents in my mail box and if you are like me, you wait around all day for the mailman to drive up the drive way. So just like when you receive presents, it’s almost always a surprise! Sometimes you love your gift and sometimes you’d rather give them back. There is a whole world out there of subscription boxes and today’s post is about a sampling box that brings you natural and organic hand-made beauty products.

Some information about Green Grab Bag:

If you read White Apricot, then you know we are not fans of the chemically laden skin care, hair care, cosmetics and nail polishes that dominate the market. That’s why, six years ago, we set out to uncover natural, vegan, and/or eco friendly alternatives to those products and introduce them to you. A lot has changed in six years. We used to have to do some pretty deep digging to find products that worked as well as their chemically dependent counterparts. Today, there are hundreds of products from which to choose. The problem is knowing WHICH ONE to choose. That’s where Green Grab Bag comes in!

Not too long ago, White Apricot’s Beauty Editor extraordinaire, Bonny Osterhage, realized that it must be overwhelming for our readers to figure out what to try from the myriad of products we write about. You basically have to take a leap of faith and shell out for potentially expensive full size versions of something you’ve never used before. We get to sample all the products before we take a plunge, but you don’t. Bonny’s epiphany was that we should take our beauty coverage to the next level and let you actually try samples of products we like, so you can TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – just like we do. She brought the idea to White Apricot founder, Carrie Pollare, and the Green Grab Bag subscription box was born.

We’ve evolved quite a bit since we started almost two years ago. Every month we’ve been delivering surprise eco friendly boxes, made of 100% recycled content and filled with at least six fabulous natural beauty product samples from some of the most forward thinking brands in the industry – more than 120 different brands so far. We strive to bring you 100% natural products and the vast majority of them are exactly that. Some are also organic. Some are also vegan. We ask our brands for 100% cruelty free across the board and require at least 95% natural ingredients. We believe that something 95% natural is safe for you to use and certainly a whole lot safer than something filled with toxins. We put some fantastic samples in our Green Grab Bags – from hair and skin care to makeup and fragrances. You never know what you’ll get, but we promise, it will be good! When you find something you like, visit Green Grab Bag’s Special Offers page to get a great discount on the full sized versions, using a special code just for our readers. How cool is that?!

This year, we expanded your choices with the introduction of our Build a Box program. Now, you can create your own customized Green Grab Bag any time you want! Choose from a myriad of products – sample, travel and full sizes – and pick the products you want to try.



What’s your beauty passion – skin care, makeup, hair products, or all of the above? Here’s your chance to build your own discovery box – to try exactly those products you want, and none that you don’t. That’s right, with our Build a Box program, you’re the curator of your own Green Grab Bag. If you are a current subscriber, it’s the perfect way for you to try a product you might have missed. It’s also ideal for those of you who are new to Green Grab Bag, and simply want the freedom to pick and choose exactly what you want to receive or try us out before you subscribe.


There’s three different levels:

$15.00 (same as the monthly subscription without the commitment)



When I stalked the website, I really liked that they offer this option of making your own box, since it gives the buyer the power to choose what they receive and what price they pay. They offer so many options to fill your box, its fantastic!


So now that you know a little bit more about Green Grab Bag; lets see what was inside of June’s box!


Soap Revolt Body Oil


Keep skin supremely hydrated all summer long with this luxurious body oil.

Price (Full Size): $25.00

Do I see myself purchasing on my own after sampling? Yes.  This oil is delicious!!!!!! I used it on my hair after using the hot iron and also on my skin after I took a shower. This oil smells delicious! I love the scent of Ylang Ylang and Orange!!! It absorbs quickly and left my skin feeling super soft.


pldbody Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub



Polish up your pucker with this vegan and organic scrub. Mwah!

Price (Full Size): $3.69

Do I see myself purchasing on my own after sampling? Yes. I love lip scrubs and This one is a winner!! It has a yummy light candy lemon scent. This scrub left my lips feeling wonderful! Unlike other lip scrubs that I have tried in the past this one is so natural that you can just lick it off your lips when you are finished instead of removing it with a paper towel as I did.  I also like that the sample size offers enough product to last for more than one use.

*The packaging was an issue for me because oil leaked out and the jar was hard to open before I wiped it off. 


bodyBrana Strawberry Face Toner


Light and refreshing, use as part of your skin care routine, or anytime your skin needs a summer pick me up.

Price (Full Size): $ 8.75

Do I see myself purchasing on my own after sampling? No. I don’t use toner and for me this spray smells more like medicine than strawberries.


Paper Doll Minerals So Cheeky! Blush


Add a rosy flush to your skin with this light mineral formula.

Price (Full Size): $ 21.00

Do I see myself purchasing on my own after sampling? I want to try more from this brand! However, not in this shade of blush (Apricot Moon). I loved the tiny pot that the blush came in, I thought it was super cute! The blush seemed to blend into my skin too much and the color didn’t show up, only a bit of sparkle. Which you would think I would love some sparkle (hello glitter lover here!) but I don’t like to use blush that has any kind of sparkle whatsoever. I leave that only for eyeshadow which I will be using this as eyeshadow because it does have a pretty sparkle to it… what can I say… I’m a sucker for sparkle!


Lotus Moon Hibiscus Flower Hydrating Lotion


This light, gentle moisturizer leaves your face velvety soft, even in the summer heat.

Price (Full Size): $27.95

Do I see myself purchasing on my own after sampling? No. This moisturizer was a little too strong in the scent department and lacking in creaminess. It did absorb quickly, though this lotion left my face feeling and looking greasy instead of feeling velvety soft.


DeeVoo Radiant Moisturizer


Improve skin’s tone and texture with this lightweight, non-greasy and fast absorbing formula.

Price (Full Size): $ 22.00

Do I see myself purchasing on my own after sampling? Most likely not. This lotion had a nice light fragrance and it absorbed  very quickly, however the formula was extremely strange. It was milky looking, went on watery and had  a grainy texture making it feel more like a watered down body scrub than a moisturizer.


Price for June’s Green Grab Bag Box:

$15.00 with free shipping.


Where to purchase:


Find them on Facebook:




So have you tried Green Grab Bag?

What is your favorite Subscription service?



3 Responses to “Unboxed: Green Grab Bag – A Natural and Organic Subscription Box”
  1. kofykat says:

    This looks promising. Wish we had organic makeup brands here. Alas.

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