So in love with Lynnderella’s new Talismans and Birthstones Collection.


(Photo Credit:

I’m not really sure why, but whenever Lynnderella posts a new collection on  her blog, I make one of the close up shots of the nail polishes my cell phone’s wallpaper and I just drool over the new shades for hours.

So far, this has to be my favorite collection…. though I do love the neon shades that I have from the Everything’s Coming Up Neon Collection!… I am in love with all 13 of these new shades! But my favorite has to be:

Opal Intuition


(Photo Credit:

Just look at it!!

I have been holding myself back from purchasing any polish for the past couple of months. I can’t really tell you now long its been, because to me it feels like over a year…haha… well I’ll just have to love this collection from afar for awhile.


6 Responses to “So in love with Lynnderella’s new Talismans and Birthstones Collection.”
  1. Those are stunning! Do you know where I could find them?

  2. Simply gorgeous! Unfortunately her polishes are so expensive ): I love making macro shots of nail polishes my background too! I currently have Cirque XX as my iphone wallpaper…it’s to remind me of the day I will finally own a polish from that brand! ❤

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