Advertisements unboxed: Julep Maven Modern Beauty box for May 2013 swatches and review!



Yes! I haven’t been this excited to share a Maven box in a long time! I think this post is actually my first swatch and review of a maven box and I have been a member for over a year! Since Julep introduced a product only box a couple of months ago I have been opting for it instead of the polish boxes. Lets face it, I already have a lifetime supply of polishes to swatch and even though I like juleps polishes I never get around to swatching them… I have about 80 untireds from them.. I think that will be next months project.. swatch all of the Juleps!

So let me share with you my $19.99 well spent:


Volumizing Mascara


Lash growth enhancement ingredients and mirco-fibers are our secret weapons in this ultra-plush formula that goes to bat for thick, gorgeous lashes. Super-fine applicator separates, conditions, and plumps up even the smallest lashes to bring them out of hiding and into big-time focus.


Without mascara


With two coats of Julep’s volumizing mascara.

As you may know already I am a huge mascara collector! Whenever a new mascara comes out I must have it! I was really excited to try this mascara from Julep after reading the packaging, however I wasn’t impressed… sadly. I love the formula, any mascara that has tiny fibers to get that fake lash effect is awesome, however I really hate the applicator. It’s to stiff and the bristles are short and super hard. Instead of the applicator separating each lash and coating it with mascara, it just clumped them together. I really hope Julep comes out with a plush applicator or one with longer bristles, because as you can see this applicator left me looking like I had less lashes than what I started with.

Price: $24.00

Maven Price: $19.20

♥ I won’t be repurchasing  unless they change the brush ♥


Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub


This scrumptious blend of brown sugar, molasses, conditioning oils, vitamin E, and Shea butter will leave your lips soft, smooth, and ready for color (or kisses).


To Use: Massage onto lips in a firm, circular motion; tissue off.


With lip scrub.


After removing lip scrub with a paper towel.

I love lip scrubs and Sugar Smooch is a winner!! It has a yummy candy almost coffee like scent. This scrub left my lips feeling wonderful! Unlike other lip scrubs that I have tried in the past this one is so natural that you can just lick it off your lips when you are finished instead of removing it with a paper towel.

Price: $14.00

Maven Price: $11.20

♥ I will be repurchasing once I run out ♥


New York Jazz Trio


Silky little lip colors inspired by the Roaring Twenties.

Tea for Two:


Sheer nude with a hint of shimmer.

Satin Doll:


Sheer poppy/orange tint.

Lady in Red:


Matte crimson, though on me it looks like a true red with blue undertones.

All three lipsticks glade on like silk and they made my lips feel super smooth and supple. I really like that Julep came out with three mini lipsticks in three different shades instead of one full-sized red lipstick. This way I got to try out three different shades and see which I liked best without having to commit to a full size lipstick that I might not have liked. Also this way your lipsticks have a better chance of getting used up completely and staying fresh, than a full size that you may forget about.

Though, Julep if you are listening I hope that you continue to add more beauty products to your line and make Tea for Two and Lady in Red full size!!!  ♥  and I hope to try the other trio soon!

Price: $28.00

Maven Price: $22.40

♥ I will be repurchasing once I run out ♥


Surprise Gift:


This months free gift was two pairs of rose bobby pins. These are really cute and go well with the theme of this month boxes, but I doubt that I will ever wear them. I would have preferred rock candy like last month 🙂


If you aren’t a Maven yet maybe you should consider it. Every month the polish colors and extras keep on getting better and better.



You can still try out The Julep Maven program for only a penny!


Click on the link and take the quiz, add your box to the cart!


If you don’t like the style profile you can change it before you buy.


Add the code Penny or Julepvip


Make sure to put free shipping and change your state and there you go that box for a penny!


you have the options to skip as many months (which is awesome) as you want or you can cancel.


Maven’s get special pricing, a secret store every month, free shipping and you get to choose which box you want each month (out of five) and you can add-on up to three items or sets for a special discount price.



If you want to purchase this box for only $19.99 with free shipping instead of $66.00 (non- maven) or $53.10 (maven) you still can! Just become a maven and get your first box for only a penny and then you can order this box for only $19.99 and previous months boxes if they are still in stock! How awesome is that?



So my fellow Julep Mavens which box did you get this month??



9 Responses to “ unboxed: Julep Maven Modern Beauty box for May 2013 swatches and review!”
  1. Julie says:

    I passed on this month because I wasn’t over the moon for any of the new polish shades. I already have a favorite lipstick from Avon that goes with just about anything, so the lipsticks weren’t especially appealing to me either, but that sugar scrub looks like something I would like. Might get it as an add on if it becomes available.

  2. todaycommai says:

    Thanks for the post! I just signed up for Julep Maven… I was so happy to see that they offer previous boxes on their site for purchase. I got this very exact same box and am excited. Loving the May theme!

  3. abbydoo343 says:

    Okay what on Earth bottle is that? It is SO gorgeous!

  4. nailsandnot says:

    I received the full collection today and I love everything in it! It’s all gorgeous! This is my first box as a Maven and it did not disappoint.

  5. Rain Shine says:

    I got this Jazz trio box as well I loved it. I didn’t get the mascara or scrub but I got two nail colors and the lip trio plus a couple lotion samples and of course the free gift. I LOVED it!!! Great post!

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