My Spirit Fingers nail polish in “Circus”: swatch and review.



I’m watching the news right now as I wait for my bed sheets to dry. I just heard that “they” might get rid of Daylight Savings time?? The reasons to keep/get rid of it are so ridiculous.

I want to have more sunlight!!! I hate that it gets dark so early, around this time I get so freaking tired because the sun is setting. I am trying to stay awake right at this moment.. I have so much to still get done today :/. Even though I really don’t like the fact that I’m going to be losing an hour of sleep, I LOVE that I am going to be getting more time to take pictures on the weekends! I usually have to stop swatching around 4pm because the sun starts to set and I can’t take a good picture outside! (I took these pictures last week, when it was cloudy all weekend :/, blah what can I do? The swatching must go ) What are your thoughts about more/less sun-time??


Today I have a indie polish from My Spirit Fingers to show you today!




Two coats of Circus over LVX in Tribute.


Two coats of Circus over LVX in Tribute.


Two coats of Circus over LVX in Tribute.


Two coats of Circus over LVX in Tribute.


“Circus” is a fun assortment of square and hex multi-colored glitters in various sizes in a foggy clear base.  The polish really does remind me of a day at the circus (where’s my cotton candy???), though I have only been to the “circus” at Disney World.. I imagine that this glitter mix is spot on. The glitters are very bright, fun and super happy!

Even though the base of the polish isn’t clear in the bottle, it goes on clear once you paint your nails and it didn’t change the tint or color of my blue base coat. The polish is on the thick-ish side but it goes on smooth and levels out well. I had no issues with the glitters curling or bleeding. The glitters laid down flat and I didn’t have to go fishing to get any of them out!



$8.50 for a 15 ml bottle


Where to Purchase:


Check them out on Facebook:



(This product was sent to me for my honest opinion)
9 Responses to “My Spirit Fingers nail polish in “Circus”: swatch and review.”
  1. MillieMuppet says:

    This looks amazing 🙂

  2. This is sooooo pretty and reminds me of galactic confetti!

  3. everysensory says:

    The swatching must go on! Hahaha nice 😀 That’s a cool polish, confetti in a bottle! 🙂

  4. safclyndz says:

    It’s like a glitter explosion! Amazing polish.

  5. craftynail says:

    When i saw this pic in my reader i actually said Ooooooh! out loud. lol!

  6. Tyra says:

    Super cute polish!!!

  7. gomacygo says:

    I think this would look great on white nail polish too!

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