Monday Mix: Buttercream Cupcakes review with a side of cupcake themed nail art




Please join us all day for our 1 year anniversary celebration on February 11th, 2009.  We will be offering free mini cupcakes and fresh brewed coffee on the house while supplies last.  Its our way of saying thank you! We look forward to many years of continued service to our guests. – Buttercream Cupcakes

[Oopps I guess that they haven’t updated their blog… but it’s still today! (2013) Lol – Megan]


Friday, Giselle (the missing lacquered girl) and I went to a cupcake shop called Buttercream Cupcakes & Coffee. I wasn’t going there with the intention of writing a review about the shop (I’m not a foodie and I won’t pretend to be … I’m just a girl who likes to eat cupcakes), I was just really was in the mood to try a new cupcake shop since there are so many around Miami.


Prior to going, I had tried a Buttercream Cupcake at a local Pizza Rustic a couple of months ago. I decided to actually go to the actual shop because I tried their Chocolate Coconut cupcake and really enjoyed it.



Chocolate Coconut


So what’s the big deal.. almost every cupcake shop has a coconut flavored cupcake…

The big deal is that I DON’T like coconut in my deserts, and no, if something has coconut in it I will not eat it. I purchased this cupcake thinking it was just chocolate because the guy at Pizza Rustic said it was.


But I ended up really liking it, the coconut wasn’t over powering, the cake had a nice favor and wasn’t too wet or too dry and it was topped off with A LOT of frosting, which I love when cupcakes have a lot of frosting!


So I ordered a Bakers Dozen ($33.00 + tax) to take home.


Red Velvet, Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla Vanilla, Chocolate Chocolate, Dulce De Leche


Red Velvet, Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla Vanilla, Chocolate Chocolate, Dulce De Leche


Giselle wanted to eat the cupcakes at the shop so she ordered me a Vanilla Chocolate ($2.75 + tax) and that is when wanting to write a review came up.

Upon walking into the shop which is in the middle between a shady looking barber shop (with a guy standing outside smoking or eating an ice cream, glaring at everyone that walked by) and an old fashion ice cream parlor, left much to be desired.  With that being said we wanted to get into the shop as quickly as possible, which was easier said than done. One would assume, that in order to get into any shop one would “PUSH” or “PULL” the door open (like every other shop…right?). WRONG… silly me, you have to turn the door knob in order to get in  (after sitting and watching others come and go from the shop, I wasn’t the only one that had that same problem.. they really need a sign saying “TURN KNOB”), even two potential customers thought they were closed and walked away.

After ordering, we took our cupcakes outside to eat because the shop is very small and would have been very uncomfortable, at least for us; because then everyone in the shop would hear us talking and we wouldn’t have been able to move around, if we had wanted too.



Vanilla Chocolate


So we sat outside and ate our cupcakes. I wasn’t taken with my Vanilla Chocolate cupcake. I couldn’t taste the cake, because the coco powdered flavored frosting was just too strong. It was nothing like how I remembered the Chocolate Coconut. Giselle said that her Triple Chocolate cupcake was the same… she only tasted the frosting (and she isn’t a frosting eater so…) I really wanted to return the Baker’s Dozen that I purchased (not that I would have been able too, but I’m glad I didn’t 🙂 ), but my dad and sister were texting me when I was getting home so they could have their cupcakes.


My dad really liked the two Chocolate Chocolate cupcakes (not pictured alone) that I got for him. I asked him if he thought that the chocolate frosting tasted too much like coco powder and he said that it didn’t. He said that the cupcake was light and very tasty.



Vanilla Vanilla


I got my mom three Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes and she loved them! She said that they were the best cupcakes that she has tried (and this lady is SUPER picky…. SUPER)

I tried one of her Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes to see if the shop could be redeemed for me, since I didn’t care of the Vanilla Chocolate…and it was… I really liked this flavor! The cake was light and fluffy and I could taste the vanilla bean in the frosting, but it wasn’t over powering.

I also ate a Dulce de Leche cupcake (not pictured alone) and it was amazing!



Red Velvet


My sister ate the Red Velvet cupcakes (She would not comment for this post).


So to sum up Buttercream Cupcakes:

– The cupcakes are presented beautifully with cute fondant cut-outs

– I think they have a great price point at $2.75 for a full-sized cupcake, when compared to other shops that sell minis at $1.25 and upwards of $5.00 for a large.

– They sell mini and full-sized cupcakes

– They have a chart on their website and at the shop, so you can know what flavors are available which days.

– Next time I will get a couple of Chocolate Coconut cupcakes (they are available today [Monday])

– They have a cupcake flavor for everyone


So check them out on Facebook:


Check out their website:



I have been wanting to post this review since Friday because I thought it would be nice to mix it up and blog about something other than make-up and nails that people enjoy.

And I know that everyone enjoys cupcakes 🙂

So since I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday about my weekly manicure because I was having issues with taking pictures, I just thought I would post these two together.

I remembered that I had a cupcake stamp on one of my Bundle Monster plates, so I thought it would be really cute if I did a cupcake themed nail art using it. I also thought that Lynnderella’s Sweets to the Sweet would be PREFECT for it, since it reminds me of frosting with colorful sprinkles.



Cupcake themed mani of the week. Photo taken outside at sunrise.


Cupcake themed mani of the week. Photo taken outside at sunrise.


Cupcake themed mani of the week. Photo taken outside at sunrise.


Cupcake themed mani of the week. Photo taken outside at sunrise.



11 Responses to “Monday Mix: Buttercream Cupcakes review with a side of cupcake themed nail art”
  1. sortaginger says:

    I need to find a cupcake to smile at me today. And then eat it. 🙂

  2. Kay says:

    I LOVE THE NAIL ART, SO SO MUCH! The colours and the cute little cupcakes! Awww 🙂

  3. blimbo2005 says:

    the cupcakes look yum! and the nails look awesome as usual

  4. The very first time I tried Buttercream, I was hugely pregnant. I had one of the Oreo ones and… I almost barfed.
    But then I went to a wedding and ate a cupcake they had and it was amazing and I asked, where is this from and they said Butterceam and I said NO WAY I didn’t puke!
    Now it’s one of my favorites but really Sweetness makes the best ones hands down.
    Ok that’s all 😀

  5. Amanda (Mae) says:

    Awww how cute is this mani and those cupcakes look amazing!

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