Makeup Mondays: Lash Control Lengthening and Conditioning Mascara, swatch and review.



As you may already know, I am obsessed with Mascara! I am always on the hunt to find the latest tube to make my lashes look full and fabulous. Mascara is the only makeup product that I won’t leave the house without having on, that and the perfect rich black eyeliner.

I have over 10 tubes of mascara from various brands right now: Drugstore to High-end. I’m not really sure how many I have tried in the ten years of my makeup wearing lifetime, . I love trying out the latest “fad brush and/or formula” that promises to make your lashes look out of this world, whither it be longer, thicker or darker. I have my favorites and I have others that I only tried out once and ended up giving them to my sister to mess with.

I love to have my lashes look super dark and dramatic without looking clumpy or dry. So far I have only found one mascara that has done the job for me in one easy step.


So what do I look for in the perfect mascara:

Flake free

Clump free

Oder free


Highly pigmented

Smudge proof

Long lasting

Creates the look I want without looking fake


Lash Control is a new to me mascara that I was so excited to get my hands on because of what it promised .




So what is Lash Control?

Lash Control is a botanically-enriched mascara. It’s formula is housed in an innovative tube that gives the user the ability to control how much mascara to use during application. Pretty neat right?

How many times have you taken out the wand and brushed it along the rim of the tube to remove all of  that excess mascara? Plenty right? That is one of my biggest pet peeves: when you take out the wand and there is a clump of mascara just “hanging out” on the tip.


So how does Lash Control differ from other mascaras out on the market?

What makes Lash Control different from the rest of the mascara out there, is it’s user-friendly “squeezing tube”. To use Lash Control, you simply squeeze the jelly pink rubber middle as you pull out the wand. Apply a lot of pressure to leave a small amount of mascara on the wand or apply no pressure at all to have the wand completely coated in mascara.




Top: No Mascara
Middle: Squeezing completely
Bottom: No squeezing


The top picture is my lashes with no mascara on.

The middle picture is with one coat of Lash Control that I applied max pressure to the jelly middle of the tube to only get a light coating of mascara.

The bottom picture is with one coat of Lash Control that I applied with max pressure and two coats of Lash Control that I applied no pressure to the jelly middle of the tube to  get a full coating of mascara.



No Mascara


Naturally I have long, full, and dark lashes, but I’m always wanting to enhance them. I want them longer, fuller, and darker and I want my mascara to do that for me with little to no effort on my part. I want to be able to have the look of false lashes without actually having to glue and apply them, because I can never seem to make false lashes look natural.



Squeezing completely, one coat of Lash Control


With just one thin coat of mascara I can already see a difference. My lashes are more defined, longer, darker, and fuller.



No squeezing , two coats of Lash Control


With just one thin coat and then two full coats of mascara I can tell that my lashes appear to be darker and fuller. However the length stayed the same which is fine because I loved how Lash Control made my lashes look.
And unlike a lot of other mascaras, even thought I used more than one coat it didn’t give my lashes that ugly “spider look”. I was very impressed.



No squeezing , two coats of Lash Control


I also used Lash Control on my bottom lashes, which I normally never do because my mascara leaves little clumps of product on the ends of my lashes which then in turn gives me raccoon eyes. On top of the fact that I already have a problem with dark circles, my mascara shouldn’t be adding to my problem.


Lash Control is truly fantastic. I am always extremely weary of products that you can’t purchase at stores or known name-brands because I have been ripped off by products that claim to be something they just aren’t.


Lash Control claims:

“Forget flakes, clumps and raccoon eyes. LashControl Mascara is the sanitary, non-irritating way to get bold, defined, va-va-voom lashes. The advanced budge-proof, smudge-proof formula stays put from morning to night. To remove, just use warm water and gently wash it way”.


It is safe for me to say that after testing Lash Control, all of its claims are true. I had no flaking, clumps or raccoon eyes while testing this mascara. It was also non-irritating, budge-proof,smudge-proof formula that left my lashes feeling soft to the touch once the mascara was dry. Lash Control lasted from the time I applied it to the time that I removed it.


Now… Removal…


Removal of mascara is always a chore for me and more likely that not I would just leave it on until I took a shower and was able to rub and make sure that it was completely off and “not off my lashes but now on my skin off”.

So how can Lash Control claim to be budge-proof and smudge-proof, but can be easily taken off with just warm water, when other mascaras that claim the same thing must be removed using soap, oil, or lotion?

After testing, Lash Control’s claim of  “to remove, just use warm water and gently wash it way.” was so true! I just turned on the hot water in my sink and rubbed my eyes and the mascara was totally gone and didn’t stain my skin whatsoever.


As of now, Lash Control has three types of mascaras for sale on their website:

Pink Squeeze: Classic black mascara formula with tapered brush

Purple Squeeze: Intense black formula with zig-zig brush to build volume.

Clear Squeeze: Clear coat formula for taming wayward brows, minus the “wet” look. It’s the perfect top coat to layer your black mascara and seal in the pigment.


I really want to try the Purple and Clear Squeeze to see how they compare.  Have you tried/wanted to try or are going to try Lash Control Mascaras? What are your thoughts?


So would I recommend this mascara?

Lash Control has everything that I look for in the perfect mascara:

Flake free

Clump free

Oder free


Highly pigmented

Smudge proof

Long lasting

Creates the look I want without looking fake

So YES!!


Price: $20.00 USD


Where to purchase:


Check them out on Facebook:



Megan from two lacquered girls

(This product was sent to me for my honest opinion)


8 Responses to “Makeup Mondays: Lash Control Lengthening and Conditioning Mascara, swatch and review.”
  1. I think I need it!! I’m the same way about mascara. I have waaaay too many. Lash Control looks amazing though!!!

    You have such pretty eyes btw 😉
    You should show them more.

  2. Cristina Lynn says:

    Sounds perfect! Must try.

  3. Ang says:

    FYI they are on Groupon! I am very picky about which mascara I will purchase. love Tarte lights camera lashes but I a really don’t want to spend the money on a mascara right now. Anyways have never heard of LashControl so when I went on groupon there was LashControl mascara can’t wait to try it. I’m so excited that it has conditioning properties. That’s so important for me and its difficult to find.

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