Fancy Friday How to: Nail a Manicure without going to the Salon.



Welcome to the first of many “Fancy Friday How to:” on Fancy Friday How to: will be posts about tricks and tips that I use to feel “fancy” without having to go to the Salon. So of course the first Fancy Friday How to: has to be about how to get a salon perfect manicure at home.

I have been getting my nails done since elementary school, however rarely at a salon. I started doing my own manicures about four years ago, and now I do everyone in my family and sometimes friends. I like doing my own nails because even though there is over a million nail salons in Miami, I have never found one that the manicurists speak English or that I felt comfortable to be in or seemed to be very sanitary. I also am so anal that if someone else were to do my nails they would never be “perfect”.



Here are the tools I use to get my manicure salon perfect:

Nail brush

Metal cuticle pusher

Nail clippers

Nail file

Nail buffer

Cuticle oil

Moroccan oil



Base coat

Top coat

Nail color of your choice


First: Exfoliate your hands to get them soft.

 First moisten your hands with water and apply a nickel sized amount of scrub. Massage in a circular motion for about five minutes, then use the nail brush to brush your nails as you rinse off the scrub. Make sure to pat your hands dry.

What I use: Julep’s Instant Warning Foot Scrub and a nail brush from a beauty supply store.


Next: Exfoliate your nails to get them polish ready.

Apply a couples drops of oil on your nails before you start buffing. When buffing, use the lightest possible pressure, and spend just a few seconds per nail. Buffing shouldn’t hurt or feel hot and if it does you are apply way too much pressure and doing it for to long.

Why buff? The smoother your nails are the easier your polish will go on.

What I use: Julep’s Elixir: Organic Moroccan Argan Oil and a nail buffer from a beauty supply store.


Next: Clean those Cuticles!

Rub lotion over your nails and cuticles, let the lotion sink in for about five minutes. Then with the metal cuticle pusher, push back the cuticle, extremely gently as not to harm your nail. If you have any hang nails or loose skin make sure to clip it off with the nail clipper but make sure not to over do it. If you are anything like me that may take some time. I used to cut my cuticles off until they bled, which is not healthy for your fingers or nail growth. So try not cut if you don’t really need to.

File your nails with a “superfine” emery board. Make sure to file in one direction only to prevent breakage.

Make sure to clean you nails with polish remover because you need a completely greaseless surface for the polish to adhere. Use a nonacetone formula that does not contain vitamin E, aloe, or Lanolin because all three of these deposit oil onto your nail plate. Try to apply the polish remover with paper towels rather than cotton balls, because the cotton balls could leave behind fuzz.

Why a metal cuticle pusher? I like to use a metal cuticle pusher, rather than an orange stick because I feel that a metal pusher does a better job and is more sanitary than a wooden stick because the metal can be disinfected.

What I use: Julep’s The Best Pedi Creme Ever!, Metal cuticle pusher, nail clippers, nail file.


Next: Use a Basecoat!

Apply a base coat as your foundation, it will help your manicure last longer and help prevent stains.

What I use? butter LONDON’s Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat.


Then: Pick your color and make it last!

Apply two to three thin coats of polish, making sure not to touch the cuticle. Let the polish dry for about two minutes before moving on to the topcoat. This time allows the polish’s solvents to evaporate which the topcoat can trap which is the cause of bubbles.

Apply a topcoat every other day to keep your nails glossy and chip-free. Make sure to wash your hands first to remove the oil or dirt that will prevent the topcoat from adhering.

Tip: If you happen to get some paint on your cuticles, use a thin makeup brush or a stick dipped in polish remover to use for clean up.

Tip: Once your manicure is completely dry, place cuticle oil on your cuticles and massage to keep them healthy.

What I use: butter LONDON’s Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat and Julep’s Essential Cuticle Oil.

I like to use Julep products because Julep products are used at Julep Salons. But I don’t have to go to a Julep Salon or pay for a Julep manicure to get a Salon perfect manicure because I am able to get the lastest products before anyone else because I am a Julep Maven. I’m sure you all know about Julep! But if you don’t, you can become a Julep Maven for only a penny for your first months box. You’ll get $40.00 + worth of nail polish and/or beauty products for $20.00.

All you need to do is go to pick your box and use code “penny” at check out.


Next Friday look for Fancy Friday How to: Get the perfect Pedicure in Ten easy steps.


Megan from two lacquered girls

4 Responses to “Fancy Friday How to: Nail a Manicure without going to the Salon.”
  1. semurray28 says:

    Thank you for doing this entry! I have been looking for a good “do it yourself” manicure routine all weekend, then I came to your blog and here it is!

  2. Very energetic article, I liked that a lot. Will
    there be a part 2?

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