My 3 FREE nail polishes from Zoya shipped today! Have you ordered yours!

Yay!!!! My Zoya order shipped today! I’m so excited to receive Tori, Carly and Mimi!

This is such a great deal! It ended up costing only $10.00 because of shipping, which isn’t a bad deal since if he would have paid full price for the polishes it would have been $24.00 plus $10.00 equaling $34.00 for the three bottles shipped.

If you want free shipping with this order then just add four more polishes to your cart and your total will be $32.00 for 7 bottles total.

WOW that’s less than the regular price of 3 bottles shipped and you end up with 7!!


Use this link to make an account on

You will get a free nail polish of your choice just for using my link, that you can use any time 🙂 (but not with the 3 free code)!


There’s over 300 colors to choose from!

Which shades are you dieing to get your hands on!!?


– Megan ❤

4 Responses to “My 3 FREE nail polishes from Zoya shipped today! Have you ordered yours!”
  1. What shades did you choose? I was eyeballing them myself. I need more dark colors. I’m contrarian that way. When it seems like pale and bright colors are going to be popular, I like to go for dark. And when those colors are in, I go bright and pale. Weirdo that I am.

    • MeganfromTLG says:

      I just saw this comment now..:/ sorry!!!

      what colors did you end up getting? or not?

      btw what do you think of this months julep box?

      • I got none LOL
        You know what? I have skipped every monthly box for I don’t know how long! I just don’t find them to be a very good value– especially compared to mystery boxes. And because I don’t buy all the monthly boxes, the mystery boxes become an even better option. I thought this month’s was ok but I’ve thought the same thing for a while now. I haven’t been blown away by the monthly ones for a while.

      • MeganfromTLG says:

        I only really wanted December. Since then it’s been down hill for me. I really wanted the new base and top coat but I didn’t like any of the polishes, so I skipped. ugh

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