Makeup Mondays: COVERGIRL Blast Flipsticks in Minx, Vixen and Stunner Swatch and Review

I am so excited to share with you a fabulous new Lipstick!

Welcome back to Make-up Mondays on! I know that it has been a long time coming, but it’s here and I have something amazing to share with you!

I have never swatched Lipstick before, so being that it is my first time, and I did not Photoshop the pictures; please don’t judge my lips too harshly. I wasn’t really sure how to “pose”, I took over 100 pictures… hopefully I will get the hang of it!

So let’s get to it!



BlastFlipStick is two lipsticks in one!

It was expertly designed with creams and shimmers for the user to be able to achieve a one of a kind look every time it’s used! FlipStick has an ultra blendable formula that allows you to mix different shades to make your own custom look. The dual ends allow you to create different trends right on your lips.

The Dual-sided stick features a cream color on one end and a shimmery shade on the other, which comes in 13 different shades to choose from! You are sure to find the perfect color for you!

You can find these shades at most of your local groceries, drug stores and major retailers.

Whisper: Taupe and pearl pink shades

Puckers: Light berry and lilac shades

Glimmer: Dark berry and soft pink shades

Flashy: Dark berry and lilac shades

Vixen: Burgundy and pearl pink shades

Perky: Bright pink and light pink shades

Tease: Red and gold shades

Cheeky: Bright pink and peach shades

Stunner: Bright pink and gold shades

Snap: Taupe and sand shades

Smooch: Copper and sand shades

Minx: Deep brown and gold shades

Intense: Deep berry and taupe shades

I received Stunner, Minx and Vixen.

COVERGIRL FlipStick has great pigmentation, and a very smooth formula. I just wish that they were a little more conditioning. My lips were cracked because of the cold weather and because I was sick. When I applied the FlipStick it feathered and you could see the cracks or at least I could. However once my lips were healed it wasn’t an issue whatsoever.


My favorite of the three that I received was Stunner.


Stunner’s cream side.


Stunner’s shimmer side.

I guess I’m really into orange lip stick and nail polish. I believe that it would be a pretty cool idea if COVERGIRL were to make matching dual nail polishes for these 13 shades of Lipsticks.

My only problem with Stunner was that the cream color ended side was kind of gritty. It wasn’t creamy like the others; maybe I received a defective stick.  But the color and pigmentation totally made up for it and the application ended up going on smooth with no problem.


The cream side is a bright pink but somehow with my skin tone it looks somewhat orange.  So I would say that it is a bright matte pink with orange undertones. I wasn’t really into wearing colored lip balms or sticks because I always felt that I looked horrible in them. But after trying Stunner, I am a changed woman and I want to wear colored lip sticks now. It’s fantastic.


The shimmer side is gold, but again for me at least I see it as a gold shimmer with orange undertones. The application was very smooth, but on removal it was a tad messy. The shimmer went all over the place, but I was able to remove the shimmer with a “Wet One”.

The other two Flipsticks that I received were Minx and Vixen. They both  have the same great creamy light formulas that are highly pigmented. The creams and shimmers are very rich in color.

Minx has a deep almost dark coco brown cream side and a true gold shimmer side (very different from Stunner). Both sides of Minx are very rich in color, so you only need one application.


Minx’s cream side.


Minx’s shimmer side.

Vixen has a light pinky-burgundy cream side and a super frosty pink shimmer side. Both sides of Vixen are highly pigmented, yet they are very soft looking. Vixen’s cream side is very feminine and classy, while its shimmer side is very playful and load.


Vixen’s cream side.


Vixen’s shimmer side.

The application of the creams and shimmers were very smooth, really no need for any kind of pressure, the color just glided on with no effort. On removal the shimmers were a tad messy. The application was very smooth, but on removal it was a tad messy. The shimmer went all over the place as it did with Stunner, but I was able to remove the shimmer with a “Wet One”.

The FlipStick retails for $8.49, which is a steal because for the price of one, you are getting two.

Make sure to head over to or to see what mixes can be done with the different FlipSticks!

– Megan

(I received these products for my honest review as part of the BzzAngent program)


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