You don’t have to wait until Monday for 3 FREE nail polishes from Zoya!!!

The code is NOW live!! And I know that a lot of people are jumping on this deal… So Hurry!!!!!

My beautiful amazing boyfriend bought me




I am so excited to get them!

It ended up costing him $10.00 because of shipping, which isn’t a bad deal since if he would have paid full price for the polishes it would have been $24.00 plus $10.00 equaling $34.00 for the three bottles shipped.

If you want free shipping with this order then just add four more polishes to your cart and your total will be $32.00 for 7 bottles total.

WOW that’s less than the regular price of 3 bottles shipped and you end up with 7!!


Use this link to make an account on

You will get a free nail polish of your choice just for using my link, that you can use any time 🙂 (but not with the 3 free code)!

I got my first three Zoyas for Christmas: Blaze, Storm and Aurora! They are amazing!! The formulas are fantastic!

There’s over 300 colors to choose from!

Which shades are you dieing to get your hands on!!?

Share with me!!!! ❤

– Megan ❤

8 Responses to “You don’t have to wait until Monday for 3 FREE nail polishes from Zoya!!!”
  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Love Zoya nail polishes!! This is an amazing deal!

  2. Thank you! Just placed my order. I also reblogged for my readers.

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