China Glaze Sun-Kissed topped with Pizzazz for some extra sparkle!




I fell in love with this Mani that I did today to see if the bright colors would help me feel better.

It didn’t, I’m still sick in bed… laying in the dark writing this post from my phone with Pepe on top of me.

But I love it!! “Sun-Kissed” is part of the Summer Neons Collection from 2012. When the collection came out I ran to my local beauty supply and got every single one but this yellow polish. I wasn’t as adventurous as I am now with color so I didn’t purchase it.

Well today I took my mom to the beauty supply store before taking her to the doctors.

Very bad idea.

She …not me… ending up spending way too much on polish.

For my troubles, I got Sun-Kissed finally and I’m so glad I did!

Its a gorgeous shimmery matte yellow nail polish. I didn’t even need to put a top coat on it 🙂

Of course I had to top this Mani off with some glitter. I had a hard time picking which China Glaze glitter polish to use.

I ended up putting “Pizzazz” from the Holiday Collection because I haven’t had a chance to try it.

Magic…. pure Magic! I love it so much

Pizzazz is a clear based polish with loads of hex glitters in mostly silver with green, blue, orange, yellow and pink.

I actually won the 2012 Holiday Collection from a giveaway that China Glaze was having over on their Facebook. It was the happiest day of my life (it was also my 7 year and 4 month anniversary). It was awesome!! I love the entire collection. Its mostly red shades and glitters, perfect for all year round not just the holidays. I hope to have them posted soon 🙂

PS what is your favorite shade from the Summer Neons and Holiday collection??


5 Responses to “China Glaze Sun-Kissed topped with Pizzazz for some extra sparkle!”
  1. Odotta says:

    Sun-Kissed is a gorgeous color!! I don’t ever wear yellow nail polish, but I’m wanting to try it out more and more!

  2. craftynail says:

    Nice and bright…reminds me of mardi gras!

  3. rewdoesnails says:

    These are really pretty! I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award, check it out at

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