Jindie Nails “Got Glitter?” Swatch and Review

[ Side Note: I haven’t be keeping up with comments 😦 but starting today I will be commenting back! SO Sorry 😦 ]

Finally I am able to write a FULL review on Jindie Nails “Got Glitter?”.

You can check out my previous post here

And yes… now thanks to Jen, I do! I took these pictures when my nails were short and booo my nails are even shorter today because they broke over the weekend again!! And one even bled yuck and ouch! So I can’t swatch for a while.. what a bummer! But thankfully I still have three other Jindie polishes to show you from last months purchase.

You all really need to check out Jen over at Jindie Nails! She is über sweet and it’s like she comes up with amazing polishes almost everyday! I wish I could have all of the polishes in her shop! She has a new one that she is working on with neon glitter..OMG! Too bad that I can’t buy anymore until my nails grow back, because I do not want to swatch with short nails!


“Got Glitter?”



One.Three coats over turquoise


Three coats over turquoise


Three coats over turquoise


Three coats over turquoise


Three coats over turquoise

Description:  “Got Glitter?” is a clear base top coat with light purple, green and blue tiny hex glitters. SURPRISE !! It also has holo stars,bars,hex and diamonds <— a girls best friend!

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent

Coats: Please look underneath the pictures :)

Stains: No staining

Dry time (fast, normal, slow): FAST

Price: $7.75 for a 15 ml bottle..

Would I recommend to a friend: Yes!

Where to purchase:




– Megan

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