[Beautiful Guest Blogger Post by Ami from EverySensory!!] Corrected !!!!!!

 [Note from the Editor: Megan (Editor…lol) missed spelled Ami’s Blogs website and name, it has been fixed]

When Megan asked me if I wanted to do a guest blog for her, at first I was flattered, and then I was worried. I mean, of COURSE I would; Megan has been one of my first and definitely one of my best blogger friends. But, what would I do? What would Megan like? (Or WWML if I wanted to be truly sad, which, you know, I don’t.) Weeellll… although I haven’t ‘known’ her long, I do know that she likes: butterflies, glitter, rainbows, glitter, new nail polish, glitter, old nail polish, glitter, Disney anything, glitter, hearts, glitter, embracing every colour, glitter, Instagram, glitter, Indie nail polish and, of course, glitter. So… here’s my Mani for Megan!


This is two coats of Kleancolor Gold Bright – which is a brand new polish for me, first swatch! Also it’s kinda orange/gold and I would never have worn these colours before, but Megan has been fairly insistant that I stop being such a coward and wear more of these colours 😀 . Then I added a heart from my bottle of Nabi Multi-Heart (boy that polish stinks) – mostly for the Minnie Mouse OPI themed polish series – and a nod to all things Disney 🙂 I put Kleancolor Starry Purple on the tips – glitter! And as an accent nail I followed Two Lacquered Girls glitter tutorial, and used some of the pink holographic glitter Megan sent me in a swap. A few thick layers of top coat, and good to go!


You know what? I adore that glitter accent nail. ADORE.


And, one more photo for luck – here’s looking at a small group of chickens across my nails. Hehehe





– Ami


One Response to “[Beautiful Guest Blogger Post by Ami from EverySensory!!] Corrected !!!!!!”
  1. everysensory says:

    Reblogged this on everysensory and commented:
    Oooh look! A guest blog from me, on Two Lacquere Girls’ blog! Yay! (Thanks, Megan!)

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