Caviar Nails, Guest Blogger Post by Monica :)

Microbead nails



Hello everyone, my name is Monica, and I am OBSESSED with nail polish and

painting my nails. It’s only befitting that one of my dearest friends Megan from

two lacquered girls! I’ve known Megan since elementary school and Gisel since

high school. I’ve always wanted to blog about something, why not blog about my

obsession in life??


I recently saw something in an advertisement that made me want to try it on my

own. It’s called caviar nails and it has got to be the coolest mani I’ve seen in

a long time!!!


To achieve my at home caviar nails, I purchased Recollection’s Microbeads in

silver, it can be purchased at Michael’s craft store and Jo-Anne Fabrics and

they have a nice variety of colors to choose from. I started off by painting my

nails with two coats of Essie’s Lilacism. While the second coat of polish is

still wet, gently pour the Microbeads over the polish, making sure all surfaces

of the nail are covered if not you’ll be left with gaps in between the beads.

Once the nails has been fully covered with beads, gently press down on your nail

to make sure the beads are set in place. Apply a generous layer of top coat and

voila! Caviar nails!!

– Monica

6 Responses to “Caviar Nails, Guest Blogger Post by Monica :)”
  1. I cant see the image, just a red cross but I’m sure it looks cool. I have seen an ad for the beads in the Make Up Academy range, they are £3 and I hope to purchase some to try as soon as I see them ins tore.

  2. Kimba Kay says:

    So how did you like it? How did it uphold?

  3. makeupfunda says:

    Very pretty 🙂
    Wish I could gets such beads here in India 🙂

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