Influenster Latina Beauty VoxBox 2012 Bath and Body Works New Collection Shower Gel


NEW Bath and Body Works Shea-Enriched Signature Collection Shower Gel:

$5.00 for a mini shower gel (3oz), and $11.00 for full size shower gel (10oz)

NEW & Improved! Shower Gel NOW WITH SHEA! Our exclusive formula is now enriched with Shea Butter, making it our richest, bubbliest lather that gives you softer, cleaner skin. Moisturizing Aloe Vera and skin-loving Vitamin E combine for lather that bursts with fragrance!



Sweet Pea is my least favorite fragrance  from Bath and Body Works (I really wish they would bring back sea island cotton!), but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I love this NEW shower gel! I don’t use bar soap, I tend to use only shower gel and I purchase shower gel from CVS and Bath and Body Works when they are having a SALE like buy 3 get 3 free (which is an amazing deal).

I really like that now the shower gel comes with Shea Butter, I use pure Shea Butter to keep my skin soft, so now with the new formula I can soften my skin double time.
So go check out the many other fragrances that Bath and body works has to offer!

– Megan


[ This product was sent to me for review ]

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