I haven’t purchased nail polish in 24 days! I think I can go longer :)

I am taking a break from studying for a second. I just realized that it has been 24 days since I purchased nail polish! I still have so many untried polishes that need to be swatched and posted, so I guess it good that I don’t add more to the fire. It’s really hard because of all the Indie polishes out there! It’s like there are new ones everyday and they are so pretty.

Since I can’t buy yet, I just look at the swatches that I have done. I try to  think about how I can make my swatches and reviews better.

(I need to do nail art right?)


Well here are links to check out some of my favorite swatches so far 🙂

Nail Polishes Eclipsed

OPI The Color of Minnie

Twee&Honey Shrapnel

OPI Play the Peonies

EveryBeauty Boutique

OPI Come to Poppy

How do you think My nails look better to show off the polish, long or short (not short, short) ?

Send me links to some of your favorite swatches that you have done!!

We follow over 1500 blogs and to find and read posts (because my main feed sometimes doesn’t load) I search NAILS, NAIL POLISH, NAIL ART, so some times I miss out on other nail bloggers posts because they don’t use those tags.

– Megan ❤

9 Responses to “I haven’t purchased nail polish in 24 days! I think I can go longer :)”
  1. everysensory says:

    I like your nails best in the OPI – I think it’s The Colour Of Minnie (the red one! *points*) but your nails look great at any length. Good on you for the buying break! I get anxious if I have too many untrieds, I don’t want to buy nail polish just because, so when it builds up I worry that I’m addicted. Odd, huh. That said, I have a stack now, and about 10 bottles I want from Beyond Beauty, 4 from Darling Diva Polish, 2 from piCture pOlish (but I’ll wait until they re-release Monroe) and about a million Laylas hehehehe. Balance, it’s allllll about the balance. 1500 blogs? SERIOUSLY? How do your eyes not fall out! Now I’m super flattered that you take the time to read mine, too. 🙂

  2. Lacquerice says:

    I am doing the 30 day no buy next month

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