Ok its almost that time of year..HALLOWEEN and I couldn’t help but look at

OK so I try to stay away from because I am a Disneyholic and when I look at the website it makes me want to go to Orlando. But it’s that time of year…almost Halloween, and I love Halloween Disney Style! My boyfriend and I have been going to Disney World every Halloween for the last 7 years and I hope he caves in and takes me this year because Halloween is so boring here in Miami.

Well I only found one item that I thought was super cute:

[Taken from]

I love this headband! I have one pair of Minnie ears in the theme of the Haunted mansion (my favorite ride)Β  and I ordered it from Disney Land in Japan because for some reason Japan has AMAZING items that I can’t find here in the USA!

I saw this tee and the style didn’t really do anything for me, but I liked that it said “together forever” and they’re dead…hehe I thought that was really adorable.

[Taken from]

I love looking for Disney Couture style tees! It’s weird because I won’t wear tees that have brand logos on them because I think its tacky and I am not a walking billboard. But I will wear them if it has something Disney on it.

I think these two Cinderella tops are so freaking cute! I really want to get them for my next trip.


[Taken from]

So what do you do for Halloween? Have you gone to Mickey’s not so scary Halloween Party? Oh how I love you candy!

– Megan ❀

16 Responses to “Ok its almost that time of year..HALLOWEEN and I couldn’t help but look at”
  1. katie1094 says:

    My bf and I have actually gone to Mickey’s Halloween party for the two years we’ve dated. It’s now a decided tradition. We went as pirates last year. πŸ™‚ want to do Rapunzel and flynn this year.

    • megis217 says:

      Oh that will be so cute! We have never dressed up as anything, but i have always wanted to go as Pocahontas and john smith. When do you guys go? I like to be there the whole weekend of Halloween but we’ve never actually gone on the 31st, but last year were in the magic kingdom during the and when the party started we stayed up on top at the train station looking at everyone walking in because we had dinner reservations at ohanas. Lol have you ever been to ohanas? Omg we make like two reservations every time we go its so good!

  2. notquitecarrieb says:

    Mickeys not so scary Halloween party is A.MAZ.ING!!!! We went for my nephews birthday and it was the best time ever. All the villains came out and there was a parade with the headless horseman….and trick or treating in the park! Ieven have the insane light up Mickey ears…and may have done my makeup very snow white Disney princess the whole time I was there….

    I maybe older but I looooove Disney!

    • megis217 says:

      Same here! Disney is where I go to relax…lol have you seen the one they do in japan or France? Those look so awesome because I think they make it scarier than the ones in the USA.

      • nooo I had the chance to go to the Disney in Japan in…97? I think it was (read: getting old) but for none citizens the prices were insane.

        if you want super scary…Universal is where it’s at. and AND harry potter world was doing like…some sort of halloween banquet when we were there after the park closed/their halloween events.
        definitely going back.

      • megis217 says:

        Oh yea we went last year to hhn and I was hiding behind my boyfriend the whole and some lady in front of us ran out and fell to the floor screaming lol

  3. mmmarshax3 says:

    LOVE those Minnie ears! ❀

  4. lushlili says:

    I love tees! I love that first cinderella top that you posted πŸ˜€

  5. I have ALWAYS wanted to go especially with the kids. BUT my big conference is always right around that time. As a matter of fact, this year and next year, it runs on Halloween. 😦
    Haunted Mansion is the best.
    That first Cinderelly top is gorgeous.

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