Julep – Sasha [Swatch & Review]

Today’s swatch review is an old one I found on my computer! I found a few so I will be posting them =) please be considerate the pictures were taken a while back and honestly I don’t even love them but if I wanna finish swatching my collection I need to start posting them. (ugh they even have the old watermark!)

Julep Sasha I got a while back I can’t even remember what box they came in. however, I looked it up and it was part of the June “It Girl” box. it’s very orange and as you can see from the pictures the color is beautiful but for some reason I don’t love it with my skin tone.


Julep’s website describes this color as a

“Fresh, cantaloupe melon creme”

Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor):


Color (1-5):

3 : but honestly because I don’t think its looks good on me. if only I was a tad darker =/

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor):

Excellent, the formula is creamy and thick so you only really need one coat


I used two

Base coat/ Top coat:

I used julep base coat and no top coat


No stains were experienced in the making of this swatch review

Dry time (fast, normal, slow):


Clean up (easy, messy, hard):


Removal (fast, normal, slow):

Normal, I don’t really know what “fast” removal would be. since more than half the time I end up chipping my polish off. I know, bad BAD habit =/


14.00USD regular price without the maven discount.

Would I recommend to a friend:

Yes, a darker skinned friend like Megan yes!

Where to purchase:


4 Responses to “Julep – Sasha [Swatch & Review]”
  1. swlabrmakeup says:

    Very nice color! This summer I’m loving orange nail polishes 🙂

  2. patgarcia says:

    I love this color. It’s something I would wear.

  3. joyfuliving says:

    So pretty! This color makes me smile and think of creamcicles☺

  4. That’s a gorgeous color!

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