Julep : O’ Canada (swatch and full review)

Hello ladies and a few gents =)

Today I want to show you guys O’ canada! it’s so pretty! it’s a glitter top coat from julep’s July box. Best of all is was a Maven Freebie =) I will show you guys what it looks like after one coat and then after two, I personally preferred just one coat it looked a lot prettier and delicate.


One coat:

Two Coats:


According to the Julep website:

“Sheer glitter with accent of cardinal red, it’s like nail art in a bottle! Launched in July 2012.”

Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor):

Excellent , I love the sheer glitter I don’t know if the photos do any justice but it looks so pretty

Color (1-5):

4, its pretty but when you look at the bottle it give off the illusion that it has a lot more glitters and when you take it out of the bottle you notice that it’s just two types of glitter! whatever, still pretty!! =)

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor):

Good, Because it is a glitter it is a little on the thick side which can make applications a tad difficult but even though it’s a little thick it is easy to apply.


I used Essie – Marshmallow as the base color then one/two coats of O’ Canada and no clear top coat

Base coat/ Top coat:



No staining

Dry time (fast, normal, slow):


Clean up (easy, messy, hard):


Removal (fast, normal, slow):

Fast,glitters have a fan of being hard to remove but this one comes right off!



Would I recommend to a friend:


Where to purchase:


4 Responses to “Julep : O’ Canada (swatch and full review)”
  1. O’Canada is such a pretty color!! I really like your blog and I was wondering if you would have any interested in joining a beauty blog hop I created just for wordpress users. You can find more information about it here:

  2. That’s gorgeous. I wonder what it’d look like on black OR PINK!

  3. It looks pretty! I kind of like this more than the America one I got because you can wear this all year round!

  4. lushlili says:

    Very pretty nails! Glitter always looks good!

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