AbsolutLacquer Indie Polish “Megan’s Psychedelic sea” aka “Mystery” Polish Swatch


I’m in Orlando waiting for Miguel’s cousins to wake up so we can head over to the waterpark. So I thought I would blog some! I have been wanting to share this swatch since I did it but I haven’t had time. I’m just going to let the pictures tell the story 🙂 I have no words for this AMAZING BEAUTIFUL polish

and I learned how to do finally!











Description: This is a “mystery” polish that AL called “Megan’s Psychedelic sea”. Its a clear top coat with copper/brown bar glitter and aqua blue “ice” glitter. I wasn’t really crazy for this shade in the bottle because I didn’t see how copper/brown and blue are complementary colors , but once I swatched it I fell in love! Like OMG look at it!!!!!!!! It’s crazy awesome! I’m so happy t1hat I went with a “Mystery” polish! I can’t wait to order another, every time its different and you have no idea what you are going to get

Rating overall (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent!

Color (1-5): 5

Formula (excellent, good, fair, poor): Excellent

Coats: 3 coats of wet n wild “Blue wants to be a millionaire” and 2 coats “Megan’s Psychedelic Sea”

Base coat/ Top coat: No base or Top coat used,  “Megan’s Psychedelic Sea was so SMOOTH that I didn’t need a top coat!

Stains: No staining

Dry time (fast, normal, slow): Fast!

Clean-up (easy, messy, hard): Easy

Removal (fast, normal, slow): Normal

Price: $8.00 for a 15 ml bottle

Would I recommend to a friend: Yes

Where to purchase:

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– Megan ❤

6 Responses to “AbsolutLacquer Indie Polish “Megan’s Psychedelic sea” aka “Mystery” Polish Swatch”
  1. Love the colour and effect of this one, it is like wearing a little bit of the sea on your nails!

  2. blumammu says:

    Amazingly beautiful indeed 🙂

  3. lcat20 says:

    going to try something like this tomorrow I think !! I love the colour and spawwwwkleesss 😀

  4. Admit it, you really love the name

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